Klaviyo vs. Drip for sms and email marketing

Want to make more money? Ecommerce brands switching to Klaviyo see a 29% average increase in revenue in the first six months.

Quick integration with platforms

Klaviyo helps ecommerce stores drive more sales with super-targeted, highly relevant SMS and email marketing plus, Facebook, and Instagram audience sync. Klaviyo’s one-click integration with ecommerce platforms makes it fast and easy to get all of your information over to platforms like Shopify and start growing.

Tags with Drip? Track, segment and personalise immediately

Instead of painstakingly creating tags in Drip to group customers, simply create as many segments as you want by using any number of defining criteria to pinpoint the exact audience you’re looking for.

Once you’ve integrated with your ecommerce store, Klaviyo is already set up to track every purchase and every detail on an individual customer profile.


Does Drip use real data analytics?

With Drip, you need to use a feature called ‘Conversions’ and create your own events that will change the lifetime value calculation. In Klaviyo, lifetime value is automatically calculated based on a variety of factors. Klaviyo has already developed and tested a proven algorithm backed by real data science. We also include other valuable data points like churn risk, smart send time, and expected date of next order that are not available on the Drip platform.


Powerful testing options to optimise your results

With Drip you’re limited in what you’re able to test, but with Klaviyo you can test anything you want. Use A/B variation testing to test content, link placement, product image placement, or whatever else you can think of that you want to optimise going forward. You can test any of these factors on both campaign and automated emails.



Ecommerce features to help you sell more

Klaviyo was built around the specific needs of the modern ecommerce business. Features like back-in-stock and unique coupon codes are built into the platform—created to help you sell more stuff. And, by the way, since we’re laser focused on your growth, we make it easy for you to see exactly how much money you’re making and how you’re making it.



Enterprise grade email automation, without the hassle

Anyone can send an abandoned cart email. Not everyone can target that email based on cart value or a recipient’s history with your brand. Want to trigger automated emails based on a custom event or a date? No sweat. And when it comes to testing a series of automated emails, Klaviyo will make it simple for you to see which is driving more sales.

Build signup forms without any coding

Whether you’re creating an embedded, flyout, or pop-up form you’ll never have to touch any code to get your forms up and running with Klaviyo. You can even create multiple forms targeted at different segments of customers on different pages. Create one form for your VIPs and another for new subscribers without one interfering with the other.

All-in-one pricing

No matter the size of your store or what you pay for Klaviyo, you get all the features. No tiers, no hidden costs, no additional fees for features. You get it all for one simple price.