SMS marketing
that makes sense.
And money.

SMS that sells

Klaviyo turns your data into dollars, with personalised and automated text messages that get shoppers to buy. Get your free branded sender ID today.

Get their number

Whether you’re greeting visitors for the first time or already on a first-name basis, Klaviyo makes it easy to sign people up for texts.

Sign customers up with mobile-optimised, multi-step forms. Let shoppers sign up for SMS at checkout.

You can even import existing contacts and capture signups from third-party forms.

Bring browsers back

As your site visitors come and go, automatically send personalised follow-up texts to get more sales.

Send browse and cart abandonments, price drop alerts, in-stock alerts, and other texts.

For an added nudge, try dynamic coupon codes—especially for big-ticket items or big-spending VIPs.

Keep customers loyal

You can give customers one-to-one attention without it taking up all your attention.

Send super-specific texts to exactly the right people. Anticipate customer needs and send product recommendations proactively.

The amount or type of customer data you can use with Klaviyo is highly flexible. By knowing your customers better, you can serve them better.

Deliver great service

Build trust and drive revenue with 1:1 SMS conversations with your customers.

Offer top tier support across all your channels with personal, two-way text conversations.

Receive and respond in real-time to incoming text responses to your campaigns and flows. Send personalised SMS messages to customers’ questions by accessing their entire profile, shopping history, and even predicted behaviors.


    More than
    brands text
    with Klaviyo

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    SMS that has everything you need to succeed

    Instant integrations

    Built-in integrations seamlessly connect to ecommerce platforms (and hundreds of other online tools) in seconds.

    Multi-step forms

    Turn site visitors into subscribers. Collect more data for segmentation and personalised messaging.

    Personalisation at scale

    Powerful segmentation lets you craft ultra-personal texts. Automation sends them at just the right time, no matter how many.

    Multi-channel automations

    Browse and cart reminders, in-stock alerts, price drop alerts—tons of ecommerce automations are built in and customizable.

    Predictive analytics

    Personalise your marketing, with AI-driven estimates of a customer’s next order date, churn risk, gender, and lifetime value.

    Compliance you can count on

    Opt-in consent, opt-out language, quiet hours, regional differences—it’s all built in, so you can click “send” with confidence.

    SMS that works hand in hand with email

    Klaviyo unites SMS and email in one smart-as-hell customer platform. Brands are actually making more money by sending fewer, more relevant messages.

    A new product announcement for sunglasses, shown as an email and a text message

    Texts and emails have different strengths. Customers have different preferences.

    With Klaviyo, you can automatically send the right mix of richly designed emails and right-now texts that get results.

    A new product announcement for sunglasses, shown as an email and a text message

    SMS that’s part of a whole. A whole customer platform.

    The Klaviyo customer platform brings it all together—SMS, email, customer data—creating new and better ways to acquire, retain, and reengage customers.

    So growth comes naturally.