New Klaviyo Donation Platform Integrations:, ActBlue, Qgiv

New Donation Platform Integrations

Klaviyo is very excited to announce its newest donation platform integrations., Qgiv andProdRelease_Integrations ActBlue all help nonprofits and fundraising organizations raise money on their websites. These platforms are used by thousands of organizations, from political campaigns and advocacy groups to educational institutions and news organizations.

Our new integrations will allow organizations to quickly and easily pull their contribution (and other) data into Klaviyo, in real time. In addition to our technical integration, Klaviyo also provides out-of-the-box best practices for flows, segments and templates.  Furthermore, our reporting tools specifically help nonprofits send more personal, targeted and engaging emails. These tools come set up for any fundraising group using ActBlue, or Qgiv.

The data that will be pulled into Klaviyo:

  • Contribution amount
  • Name, email, address and phone number associated with contributor
  • Recurring donation information
    • Was the donation recurring?
    • If so, how often?
  • Other data specific to each platform (event registration, committee donated to, contribution made in honor of, etc.)

As part of our effort to more extensively help nonprofits with email, Klaviyo will also be producing more fundraising and nonprofit-specific best practice content in addition to our ecommerce blog content. Klaviyo Blog

If you’re interested in learning more about these integrations, then we recommend syncing your account with Klaviyo. It’ll only takes a few minutes!

How to integrate

Integrating your donation platform data shouldn’t take you more than five minutes. Below are links to how to integrate each platform.

What you get with the integration:

    • Integrating is always free!
    • Get a clear picture of your fundraising data in our pre-built fundraising segments.
      • Who’s given in the last 30 days
      • Who hasn’t given in the last 90 days.
      • How has your average donation amount changed over time and more.ProdRelease_Dashboard
    • Download our free mobile app and keep track of your fundraising data anytime and anywhere (Mobile App Info).
    • New nonprofit email templates to help you send beautiful, dynamic emails.
    • Pre-built thank you notes, quarterly contribution flows, and welcome series.
    • Advertise to your lists and segments using Facebook Audiences.


In the coming weeks, we will be building integrations with more donation platforms. If your organization is using a donation platform that you would like Klaviyo to integrate with, let us know! You can get in touch with our team at

Get more Information About Klaviyo for Nonprofits:

Daniel leads the Nonprofit Growth team at Klaviyo. For the last 18 months, his team at Klaviyo has led the charge to build a digital marketing platform specifically for nonprofits and fundraising organizations. Through talking with hundreds of nonprofit marketers to understand the daily challenges of fundraising, digital engagement and email, the Klaviyo Nonprofit team has added a number of features that help resolve the specific challenges that surround nonprofit digital marketing. The nonprofit group now works with over 75 nonprofits and dozens of different donation, ecommerce, list management and CRM platforms. Before working with Klaviyo, Daniel spent time at a high growth startup in Chicago managing email and other digital marketing channels.
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