Klaviyo Workshops: An Epic Three Days On The Ground In Miami


It’s really the only way I can describe our first Klaviyo workshop of 2019 in Miami. But before I share more about these amazing three days, a quick introduction…

I’m Jon O’Toole, the new Director of Community at Klaviyo, and I have spent the last 15+ years bringing like-minded people together in various capacities with the premise that when we all have a voice and collaborate we all succeed. With this in mind, my first goal here is to connect with as many members of our community as possible, and equally important to facilitate collaboration between our team and you. After, all our community drives us to do what we do.

That’s why I was so excited to be at the Klaviyo: MIA workshop, an epic three days that brought Klaviyo together with over eighty people to share ideas, learn and collaborate on how to succeed at ecommerce. The attendees represented a wide variety of companies from ones just starting out to more established brands.

Here are just a few:

  • Doctor Aromas: Started by Marcelo Zelicovich in 2007, Doctor Aromas has expanded to a team of sixteen and developed a product that transforms thousands of businesses and homes with the help of Klaviyo. His personal story is just as amazing. Coming from Argentina to the US with a few hundred dollars to his name, he’s now created a multi-million dollar brand that is growing every year. We love his story and we love being part of it.
  • Pop Your Pup: From the second we met their founder Marco, we knew these guys understood  the power of ecommerce. He shared a number of stories on how Pop Your Pup uses Klaviyo to take personalization to a whole new level.
  • Feetures: This innovative footwear retailer came all the way from North Carolina to join us in Miami. We truly love that our customers are hungry enough to travel hundreds of miles to learn about the latest product updates and ways to help their business grow.

While we were in Miami, we shared four talks discussing our “Listen, Analyze, Act” framework in one of the coolest co-working spaces in all of Miami – Building Co.

  • Listen – Listening Better Every Day
    The first step to understanding your customers is to listen to them — and that means paying attention to customer data. Discover how to use third-party integrations, surveys, and the data you already have in Klaviyo.
  • Analyze – Get to Know Your Customers (At Scale!)
    Klaviyo’s data science team is hard at working building tools to help you gain meaningful insights from your data…including making predictions about future customer behavior.
  • Act – Executing Your Plan Cross-Channel
    Roll up your sleeves and get ready to reach out to your customers across all your channels! From Facebook to email to your store website, you can use Klaviyo to create a coordinated, personalized experience across the customer lifecycle.
  • Rise of the Brands
    Last, we brought everything together with a discussion called “Rise of the Brands” that focused on how businesses building relationships is the new frontier, and the new path to growth.

If you’ve ever attended a Klaviyo event you know the experience is super important. We want every attendee to feel from the minute they step into a workshop that it’s going to be not only a day filled with learning but one filled with collaboration, interesting food (we say NO to finger sandwiches), coffee and a space that breaks free from the traditional model of a boring hotel ballroom. The Klaviyo model for events is, shall we say, different. Where else but Klaviyo:MIA are you going to have a grassed-in roof deck to chill and take a meeting?

While we love sharing what we’re working on, another big reason we host these Workshops across the country is to give our community a chance to interact with our team and ask questions. Plus, we can really get into the nitty-gritty of how Klaviyo can maximize your business. Over the three days, there had to be – no exaggeration – dozens of opportunities for our Klaviyo experts, to help everything from Flows to adding a Trigger Split – and everything in between.

One of the great side effects of bringing our community together is that it fosters collaboration between customers., Our community doesn’t look at each other as competition, but as people that can share examples of success. Personally speaking, this was one of the coolest things to witness.

In closing, I wanted to share just a small sample of some of the feedback we received after all was said and done.

“So many implementation ideas. Excellent and so knowledgeable”
“Learned a ton of new and inspiring ideas”
“Expanding knowledge on how to market and engage my customer base”
“So much great info. Definitely need to write down + revisit later“

Like I said at the beginning – WOW.

We’re just getting started in 2109. We’ll be hosting Workshops across a number of major US cities in the coming months and we hope to see you there. Stay tuned!

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