Klaviyo is Growing

We love Boston. It’s in our DNA. It’s who we are and we’ve always been excited about building the next pillar company in this city. But, as we added new Klaviyos we also found that we were getting closer to one another.  Not a bad thing overall for a team, but after two and a half years of increasing growth, that closeness started to become literal.  To fix this we needed space. In fact, a lot of it.


Today we’re excited to announce we’ve expanded our commitment to building our company right here in the city we love with a 160,000-square foot HQ expansion in the heart of Boston. Our new location at 125 Summer St. will allow us to not only grow in physical size but also provide ample space to serve the community while we add hundreds of new Klaviyos in the coming months and years. Plus, this location gives us access to all that Boston has to offer – and every food truck you could ever want.

Additionally, our new HQ will provide a great place to learn and grow for every single person that is associated with Klaviyo. Throughout the span of our seven floors, we are planning on creating an experience that will focus on collaboration, listening, learning, inclusion, creation, and comfort for everyone that enters. In the coming months we will share more specific details on what we’re planning and trust us it’s going to be EPIC.

But just how large in scope is our new location? For context:

  • Tom & Giselle’s Brookline mansion is just over 12,000 square feet
  • TD Garden (where the Celtics play) is 50,000 square feet
  • Fenway Park is just under 100,000 square feet
  • The Boston Convention & Event Center (where we held Klaviyo Boston) is 160,000 square feet

You get the idea. It’s BIG!

In closing, back in April when we announced our $150MM our founder and CEO said something in the blog post that I think is worth repeating:

We won’t change our culture or values. For us, it’s all about code, customers and design. It’s helped us build a community of more than 15,000 [edit NOW 22,000+] customers and thousands of partners all aligned around our collective mission of helping businesses grow faster by owning their brand and their voice. Instead, we’ll invest in scaling and spreading our values within Klaviyo and beyond.

This is important to repeat. Our new HQ is just one part of becoming the next pillar company in Boston. No matter what space we create in, we will still hold true to our culture and values.

Our focus every day is to help businesses grow their owned revenue.

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