Feature Friday: Email A/B Testing, the Ecommerce CRM, and Testing Email Templates on Mobile

Feature Fridays: Email A/B Testing, Ecommerce CRM and Email Templates

At Klaviyo, we’ve been busy working on new ways you can making your emails amazing for you and your customers.  We’ve got a lot of very exciting stuff coming over the next few weeks.

To start, we want to share with you great ways to send better email newsletters based on A/B testing different content, senders, subject lines and more, how to use Klaviyo as an Ecommerce CRM, and building great responsive email templates for mobile.


Advanced Email A/B Testing

A/B Testing your emails sounds advanced but is actually incredibly simple.  Have ideas for different subject lines, discounts, senders or even whether an email is plain text or HTML?  Try both!

Over the last 6 months, we’ve been very focused on ways to make Email A/B testing easy and intuitive – and very effective.  Every time you create a campaign in Klaviyo (and content for that campaign), you’ll see an “Add Variation” link underneath. This lets you create multiple version of content for a campaign or an autoresponder.

Email A/B testing

Klaviyo has two powerful types of A/B testing:

  1. Autoresponders / Triggered Emails: First, you can easily split your triggered email sends 50/50 between two different emails (or up to 5 different emails for that matter). This lets you see which email does better – on opens, clicks and on conversions or purchases. Wonder if your abandoned cart emails should have a discount? Test it! Want to see if plain text beats HTML?  Another great test!
  2. Campaigns and Newsletters: Second, great new campaign testing features. Once you’d added multiple variations, you can send your email campaign to a set percentage (say 20%) of your list, see which one has the highest opens or clicks, then automatically push out the winner to everyone else. This is a great way to always test subjects, email templates or discount amounts while still ensuring that everyone gets the best email possible.

Over the coming months we’ll be posting some great case studies on email A/B testing, but we heartily recommend playing with it. Why not see what’s working and what’s not?


The SaaS and Ecommerce CRM

Because Klaviyo combines purchase data from Magento, Shopify, Bigcommerce and other ecommerce platforms, web tracking data from websites, support data from Zendesk, Desk.com, and others, we’ve seen that it often becomes the best place to see what customers have or haven’t done and then to segment customers on that information.

Klaviyo as an Ecommerce CRM

To this end, we’re excited to launch new CRM features for setting properties on each customer that can then be used to create dynamic lists.  If you click on a person in Klaviyo, you can click either “Add” or “Edit” (the little pencil icon next to properties) to change a property on a customer. For example, you could:

Keep track of:

  • Customers who have called and expressed interest
  • VIP programs that customers have to opt-in to.
  • Different stages of the sales process.
  • Notes on customers who have called support.


Building Responsive Email Templates for Mobile

Finally, at Klaviyo we are constantly focused on how you can build great email templates easily, quickly and cheaply – all without the need to hire a designer (this is why we offer a free drag and drop email template creator). To this end, we’re constantly pushing new tools for building great emails to our email template editor.

A few great improvements these last couple of months:

  • Mobile preview: A new mobile view link to see what your email will look like on phones.  In the upper right of the Klaviyo email template builder, toggle between a desktop view and a mobile view.
  • Tables: Easily add great looking tables to your email templates.
  • Dynamic Email Template Builders: One thing we really pride ourselves on at Klaviyo is building the best email template builder in the world (yes, we realize that sounds obnoxious…but we really are that dedicated to bringing you something amazing). From Mailchimp to Constant Contact to Bronto to Exact Target, one of our goals has been to provide a best in class responsive email template builder for ecommerce stores and web apps. Anyway, to the point: we’ve launched a really, really cool advanced template builder that lets you create dynamic layouts to then use as templates:

Building a Responsive Custom Email Template for your Ecommerce Store or Web App

And then the dynamic email template builder itself:

Designing a Custom Email Template


What’s Coming In the Next Couple of Weeks

The next few weeks are going to be big. We’re always working on ways to make your emails amazing, but what’s coming is good. Really, really exciting stuff.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Flows and Autoresponders: A new way to create “flows” of emails triggered by what people do and don’t do.  Think massive autoresponder improvements that make it easier to organize, analyze and trigger emails that drive results.  From abandoned carts to welcome series of emails, flows are both a major UI change and a powerful new way to improve your lifecycle email series.
  • Ideas: We’ve worked with thousands of Ecommerce stores and web apps working to super-charge their email. From that experience, we’re adding new features to let you choose existing best practice flows and autoresponders that are working great for other companies to add to your account.
  • The Birth of Interactive Email: We think email has been a one way communication channel for too long. From an Email Like button in email for content that’s great to new ways to collect information from new customers in welcome flows, we’re working to change the face of email.  It’s time that email was great for both you and your customers.

We’d love to hear your feedback! We believe email can be great for customers and stores – and the more you tell us about how we can help make your customers love you, the better!





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