Build Beautiful Campaigns Faster With Product Blocks

Benn is a great ecommerce marketer. He is obsessed with finding new ways to feature and showcase his products to his customers but wants to do so in a way that reflects his brand and the high quality of his products. In the past, that meant that Benn spent a lot of time looking up individual products on his site to pull out the individual images and information he needed for his email.

Building these emails can be cumbersome — pulling in an image from his store, deciding whether to link it to one item or to a category page, adding in the product name and price, maybe creating a “buy now” button. These are steps with work behind each one, and then if he wants to change or re-order the products in the email it’s even more work.

Most importantly, though, Benn wants to do this quickly. He’s a really busy guy with a lot of responsibilities to his business, and he can’t format emails all day. When he’s copying information from his store into Klaviyo’s email editor, he knew the process could be a lot easier.

Well, Benn, you lamented, and we listened. Starting this week, for all Klaviyo customers with an integrated ecommerce store, you will see a new template block available in our Drag-and-Drop WYSIWYG editor: the Product Block.

The Product Block puts your entire product catalog at your fingertips when you design an email. Simply drop in the block and choose up to nine products to feature — you can search your catalog however you’d like, by product name or ID. We’ll then give you the chance to edit the product title and price, write a custom description, and customize the layout for your block.

Most of all, we want to enable marketers to focus on the creative side, not on correcting styling details in emails. If you think back to the saved blocks feature we launched a few weeks ago, there’s a similar idea — with saved blocks,  we help you get away from repeatedly building and styling similar content, and instead focus on the creativity and messaging that actually furthers your brand.

Whether you’re launching a new product, announcing a promotion about a specific collection, or running a cross-sell campaign, you can use a Product Block anytime you’d like to feature one or more items from your store. When you’re looking for products to use in your email, you can search for items in your catalog by whatever method works best for you — product name, product ID, browsing your store’s categories, or even filtering to view popular and trending items.

We keep each of the items you’ve selected as you go, so you can start to make decisions about which items look best side-by-side.

After choosing which items to populate in your template, you can choose which elements related to your products to include, such as the name, price, description, and a “Buy Now” button. Each of these elements can be customized and styled to look exactly the way you want. You can also choose to stack all product elements vertically or opt for a horizontal layout.

After you select one or more products to feature, you may want to re-arrange how the items appear in your template. We’ve made the tiles in the left-hand panel draggable, so it’s easy to reorder your items in seconds.

Since the Product Block is a built-in block within Klaviyo’s template editor, it will always display your products in a consistent way across devices and platforms. No matter how you choose to arrange or display items with a Product Block, you can also set styling for each element of the product block separately, to highlight them in the way that best suits you.

There are some other creative ways you can use this new template block to quickly design and send beautiful email campaigns. Let’s explore them.

The ability to customize the destination URL for both a product’s image and call-to-action button means that you can quickly add the image of one of your most popular products– such as your most popular piece of jewelry –and then link it to a page featuring a several pieces together to help expose more of them to your customers.

Not sure which products are most popular? You can browse your catalog and sort it by a particular feed, like your most popular and trending items. By featuring your most popular items in an email, you can help entice people to click through and explore more of what your store has to offer. When launching a new product to your audience, you could pick some related products or other recently launched items that could use more attention. Highlight them below your new product in the email to show useful combinations. This will show your customers other products they may not have seen, and offer more opportunities for conversion.

Each Product Block can be completely customized, so showing off your products in the best light just got a lot easier. Try creating eye-catching patterns in your email with different items to draw attention and entice clicks. Try different combinations of products in your ongoing marketing efforts to find the most impactful ones. It’s easy to build multiple product blocks and test them across different flow email and campaign variations to find the assortments that work best. This lets you experiment with different layouts and styling as well.

For example, try a vertically stacked set of products. This gives the maximum amount of real estate to each one, while still drawing eyes towards a call-to-action (CTA) button to browse or buy. Images will never be presented larger than the original size, so you don’t need to worry about awkward scaling or pixelation.

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