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SMS software and services for ecommerce marketing

Klaviyo's automated business texting service enables ecommerce brands to send personalised texts to your customers. Create communication experiences that allow two way conversations for campaigns, support and more for your SMS marketing.
SMS for business marketing

Targeted, personalised text campaigns

Send SMS or MMS campaigns that drive action for new product announcements, sales and offers, and more. Create, target, and send or schedule in minutes.

  • Choose from static lists and/or dynamic segments
  • Build messages with our easy-to-use text editor
  • Personalise your messages based on customer profile data
  • Include emojis, images, and discount codes
  • Track your campaign performance with clicks, orders, and revenue generated
Business text message marketing campaign
Email and SMS

Automated SMS and multi-channel flows

Create SMS, MMS, and multi-channel flows (email and text) that are triggered off of each individual shopper’s behaviours and preferences—like browsing, cart abandonment, order history, order and shipping confirmations, form completions, and more.

  • Create flows quickly with our drag-and-drop flow builder
  • Combine email and SMS messages in the same flows
  • Use preference and behaviour-based splits
  • Stay safe with smart sending rules and quiet hours
  • Include dynamic product images from browse and shopping behaviour
  • Share a virtual contact card to increase brand recognition
Automation example: One week before expected order, send SMS if consented, otherwise send postcard if predicted lifetime value exceeds $100.
Personalised automated texts

Customer database for ecommerce texting

Power your text marketing program with a robust customer database that includes each shoppers’ entire history of interactions with your website, products, emails, texts, and forms as well as data pulled in from hundreds of integrations. And use that data to create the targeted segments and personalised texts you need to drive sales.

Klaviyo product screen of the timeline of a customer’s interactions with a store, as well as their total metrics
SMS Opt-in

Built in text message compliance

We help you simplify SMS compliance with flexible, built-in tools designed to only send to the people that have explicitly said they want to hear from you by text, at the times that are most appropriate.

  • Default quiet hours in flows based on region
  • Smart sending to suppress recipients who have recently been messaged
  • Only send to subscribers that have provided explicit SMS consent
  • Leverages best practices from CTIA and CWTA memberships and carrier relationships
  • Consent tracking across channels
SMS segments for UK recipients for texting consent using smart send time

SMS and multi-channel list growth tools

Rapidly grow your SMS list with powerful list growth tools that work across channels and regions.

  • Targeted, customisable pop-ups and flyouts
  • Consent at ecommerce checkout
  • Custom keyword opt-in
  • Embedded forms
  • Two-step forms
  • Click-to-text email banners
SMS Tracking

Flexible, accurate text attribution and reporting

Know which messages—in which channels (text and email)—are driving the most revenue for your business. Unlike other SMS providers, Klaviyo gives you cross-channel attribution with flexible attribution windows for email and SMS, so you’re not double counting or making decisions based on unreliable data.

  • Automatic UTMs
  • Subscriber growth reports
  • Campaign and flow performance reports
  • Cross-channel performance reports
  • Industry benchmarks
  • Customisable attribution windows

More on SMS reporting

SMS numbers

Toll-free number, branded sender ID, long number, and short code sending

Start with a free, toll-free sending number or branded sender ID when you sign up, and grow with a dedicated short code when you’re ready to send at scale.

  • Verified toll-free numbers
  • Branded sender IDs
  • Long numbers
  • Dedicated short codes for high-volume senders (additional fee)
  • Vanity short codes for better branding (additional fee)
Send and receive SMS

Two-way conversations

Answer incoming questions with two way texts. Gather feedback, and strengthen relationships with your customers by instantly responding to any customer with the context you need.

  • Built-in SMS inbox for incoming responses to flows and campaigns
  • Saved responses for common questions and inquiries
  • Automatic data sync to Gorgias or Zendesk
  • Available in the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and NZ

Two way text conversations

Over 300 out-of-the-box SMS integrations

Create segments and automatically trigger texts based on customer behaviour across your tech stack. With more than 300 available integrations that can feed data into Klaviyo, it’s easy to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

One-click integrations include:

  • Ecommerce platforms like Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce
  • Shipping and logistics systems like ShipBob and Aftership
  • Helpdesks like Zendesk and Gorgias
  • Affiliate and loyalty software like Loyalty Lion, Stamped, Refersion and Friendbuy
  • Quizzes and surveys like Typeform, Octane and Jebbit
  • Subscription services like Recharge, Bold, and Smarterr


A screen that lists some of the solutions a Klaviyo user has integrated: WooCommerce, AfterShip, Gorgias, Okendo, and Recharge.