Klaviyo reviews

Product reviews just became (a lot) more powerful

Get the most out of your product reviews with your data consolidated in one platform—increase retention and lifetime values with reviews powered by Klaviyo. Klaviyo reviews is currently available for Shopify and Shopify Plus users.

Create seamless, connected marketing experiences with your reviews data

Collect reviews and customer data, all in one platform

Automate review requests
Add review requests to automated email and SMS flows.

Reward and support shoppers
Thank 5-star reviewers for their time with a unique coupon, or direct negative reviews to support.

Segment based on your review data
Use your review data to personalise product recommendations to customers.

Perfectly timed review requests
Send review requests only to customers with confirmed deliveries.

Easily display and manage your product reviews

Give shoppers the confidence they need to buy

Use reviews across the customer experience
Showcase review quotes and star ratings in emails or on your website.

Build trust with verified reviews
Ensure your shoppers are presented with reviews from real buyers.

Keep shoppers informed
Answer questions from reviews directly on your website.

Search and filter reviews
Allow shoppers to search and filter reviews on your website.

Compass Coffee saw a 70.5% increase in reviews with Klaviyo

With our previous platform, there was no customisation, really. You get the out-of-the-box review request flows, but you can’t set all the rules, filters, and triggers you can with Klaviyo.”
Joel Shetterly, CMO, Compass Coffee
Reviews pricing

Plans start at $25 a month and scale with your order volume

When you run out of orders, further review requests are paused for that billing cycle.

  • $25: 250 max monthly orders
  • $90: 1,000 max monthly orders
  • $175: 2,000 max monthly orders
  • $300: 3,500 max monthly orders
  • $500: 10,000 max monthly orders

Larger plans are available – please contact sales at sales@klaviyo.com. Learn more in our FAQs below.

Frequently asked questions about reviews

First, install the Klaviyo reviews app for Shopify. Then, you can add the reviews widgets to your store, customise flows in Klaviyo, and start collecting reviews.

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