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Your guide to modern DTC marketing

DTC isn’t dead. Discover how to do it right.

What to expect in this guide:

  • How do you set your direct-to-consumer brand up for success?
  • There’s no set playbook.
  • But there are 6 core priorities successful players in the space tend to share.
  • To help you navigate the new DTC landscape, ecommerce experts from brands like Sharma Brands, TRUFF, Snif, Obvi, Graza, and Jones Road Beauty weighed in to discuss how they’re surviving—and thriving—in the current climate.
  • DTC isn’t dead. But seemingly foolproof DTC playbooks are. Instead, you have to find the playbook that fits your brand through data, customer conversations, creativity, and constant testing.

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6 ways successful DTC brands operate

If you could make it online where it’s crowded and where you’re kind of elbowing your way for attention, it’s a really good sign that you could make it as a business in general.

Ari Murray
VP of growth, Sharma Brands