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How to meet Google and Yahoo’s email sender requirements in 2024

Don’t leave marketing dollars on the table by accidentally letting your emails land in spam. Follow these steps to prepare for Google and Yahoo’s new sender requirements, effective February 2024.


Who will be impacted by these new requirements?

The new requirements will affect everyone. While “bulk senders” are most susceptible to these changes, don’t let that terminology trick you into believing the new requirements don’t apply to you.

To be classified as a bulk sender, you need to send more than 5K emails per day. That might sound like a lot. It isn’t.

Do some quick maths with us:

  • How many new subscribers are you acquiring per day, and as a result dropping into your welcome series?
  • How often does that welcome series send a new message, and for how long?

Imagine you have 50 new subscribers per day. That’s 50 messages per day. And, say your welcome series is 3 emails long. Those two additional emails in the series add another 100 emails going out over the course of a few days.

Now, since you’re gaining new subscribers daily, multiply those 150 emails by each business day in a week: 150 x 5 = 750 potential emails per week.

This scenario doesn’t include your:

  • Transactional or post-purchase flow
  • Abandoned cart flow
  • Browse abandonment flow
  • Win-back flow
  • Repeat purchase flow
  • VIP flow
  • Any campaigns

Considering the volume of automated messages recommended for a healthy retention marketing program, most online retailers will hit 5K emails per day at least once a month, especially during peak times.

This is why Klaviyo says these new requirements apply to all online retailers.

Want to learn more? Check out our guide for what these requirement changes mean for your business.

What to do now

Get your account ready

We put together a checklist of steps to take to ensure that you meet the new sender requirements from both Google and Yahoo.


Below are are the exact dates both Google and Yahoo list. We’ll update this anytime there is an update from one of those companies. But, why wait? Get started right now and safeguard your reputation.

The upside of the new Google and Yahoo sender requirements

The new requirements will apply to all online businesses, and will ultimately be good for everyone who has an email inbox. Why? Because the goal is less spam.

For you, and everyone who abides by these new requirements, that means your target audience is more likely to see your emails than ever before. Less junk in an inbox translates to higher visibility for relevant messages.

It might be frustrating now, as you enter the new year, to add yet another thing to your to-do list. But following through on the new requirements will help your brand build a smarter, more effective digital relationship with your customers.

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