Klaviyo vs. Bronto for
Ecommerce Marketing Automation

A somewhat partial feature comparison and collection of public online reviews by Bronto customers, compiled with love by the folks at Klaviyo.

  Bronto is great. For some folks.
The most common reason our customers tell us they switch to Klaviyo is that they need a tool that's easier to set up, easier to use - and that offers better ROI. If those things aren't important to you, stop reading now.
Klaviyo makes data-driven ecommerce marketing easy.
Klaviyo is designed to ingest and organize your data so it's easier for you to deliver results quickly. It's simply smarter marketing, made easy.
No bait and switch.
"It feels like they are always trying to nickel and dime you and charge you for features that should be baked into the software." - Bronto Review
We know you've got more important things to do than negotiate for every penny to try and see a return on your investment. That's why Klaviyo offers simple, transparent pricing.
Reporting you can use.
"We are forced to record all our email stats in a separate excel spreadsheet because using Bronto to analyze emails in great detail is hard with their built in tools." - Bronto Review
Klaviyo's reporting engine gives you insight into sales performance for every campaign, flow, segment and recipient. No spreadsheets required.
Transparent pricing.
Need to know how much your ESP will cost? You can't currently find out by looking at Bronto's website. Go on, see for yourself -- we'll wait here.
Klaviyo's pricing is available for anyone to see, at any time - check it out for yourself.
All-in-one software. No add-ons.
"...they keep core commerce functionality out of the core "commerce marketing" software to force you to pay more." - Bronto Review
Every ecommerce feature Klaviyo offers - all of them - are part of our core software.
A business based on software. Not services.
Bronto offers - and charges for - a wide range of services, including things like data integration.
At Klaviyo, we'll never charge you extra for services to help you use the software you're already paying for.
Modern marketing for businesses looking to grow
Ok. They've got us on this one.
Ah, the joys of a made-up name. And hey, dinosaurs are pretty cool... even if they are extinct!

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