Klaviyo vs. Bronto for
Ecommerce Marketing Automation

A somewhat partial perspective on the better option for data-driven marketers.

  Bronto is great if you have an army of developers & a lot of time.
If you’ve got a fully staffed team dedicated to running your email marketing programs, you like spending your time downloading and uploading Excel spreadsheets, and you don’t mind paying more for table stakes functionality -- Bronto is for you.
Klaviyo lets you do more with your marketing - with less hassle.
Klaviyo is designed to ingest and organize your data so it's easier for you to deliver results quickly. You don’t need an army to use our software, we’ll give you a break from Excel, and all the features you need are included upfront. Smarter marketing, made easy.

Powerful integrations that take minutes to set up - not months.

Uh huh. Months.
Yes, minutes. Seconds if you’re an overachiever.

Get all the data.

A clunky integration with Magento means some data gets lost in translation.
Magento users, heads up: Klaviyo pulls data directly from Magento’s APIs. Which means you get what you need, straight from the horse’s mouth.

Ecommerce essentials don’t cost extra.

Pony up the cash, because none of this comes out-of-the-box.
Coupons, popups, abandoned carts, browse abandonment - you can do it all, without paying extra.

Ecommerce essentials are part of the platform - not “integrations.”

Start scheduling additional dev work, because those abandoned carts need to be “implemented” by “integration experts.”
Integrations are for piping in data - not for basic ecommerce marketing functionality. Klaviyo’s ecommerce features are all native to our platform.

Stay in control of your own destiny.

Bronto charges for services, because operating their software is no easy feat.
Klaviyo is designed for operation by marketers and ecommerce owners. Developers not required.

Complete customer profiles.

Wait. There are people behind those emails? Really? You’d never know...
See what customers completed specific actions, who your best performers are, and whether someone received an email.
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