Customer Profile Software

Unlock the power of customer profiles with Klaviyo

Using Klaviyo’s built-in CDP and its CRM functionality, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers’ behavior and preferences. Easily view their purchase history, email engagement, and website activity all in one place.

See the big picture

Every Klaviyo business gets a database that updates with their customers’ behaviors and preferences in real time. And then, we go one better.

We take all of that data and provide individual profiles for every customer that has ever engaged with your ecommerce store, giving you a single view into how someone has—and will—interact with your brand. It’s what makes our personalization so powerful. You can see your customers as individuals, but communicate with them at scale.

The power of the profile

See the past

Easily see every communication and action a customer has had with your store, so you know you’re sending the right messages at the right time.

Know their future

Find predictive analytics right in their profile—see when a customer’s next order date will be, or how much they’ll likely spend over time.

Help right now

Profiles help you help your customers quickly and easily by showing you their every message and interaction, from purchases to promo codes.

Spreadsheets never

Spreadsheets have their place, but profiles win out when it comes to quickly and easily finding a specific customer’s information.

Opportunity always

Profiles allow you to easily see the customer information you have available, making it simple to spot new opportunities for engagement.

Built for ecommerce

We know the info you’re craving—that’s why we show you everything from the segments and lists a customer is a part of to the integrations used to get their data. But that’s not all. A customer’s profile includes:

  • Total revenue
  • Number of orders
  • Location, timezone, and first active date
  • Channels (email, SMS)
  • Predictive analytics
  • Purchases and engagements
  • Coupon codes
Klaviyo product screen of the timeline of a customer’s interactions with a store, as well as their total metrics
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Know your customers

Integrate your ecommerce store and see all your customer profiles—for free

Limitless customer info

A customer’s information is collected from a signup form or an interaction with your brand and automatically added to their profile. Profiles start with some data fields baked in, like first name or email, but you can also add as many custom data fields as you’d like, such as if a customer owns a dog or a cat.

But the best part—you can then use segmentation to personalize their messages based on all that data. So if a customer’s profile has them listed as a dog owner, you know to serve them kibble over catnip content.

Klaviyo product screen showing a segment created based on if someone is a dog owner and has opened email in the last 30 days