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Integrate your ecommerce platform, ecosystem, and historical data with Klaviyo to send highly personalized email and SMS that drive sales.

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Built for Marketers

Integrate quickly for long term growth

By pulling real-time and historical data from your ecommerce platform and tech stack into our intelligent marketing automation platform, Klaviyo helps you understand your customers better. Create segments, build campaigns, and launch automations that drive revenue and retention.

Klaviyo supercharges your ecommerce platform with

  • 350+ pre-built integrations
  • Extensive template library
  • Powerful pre-built automations
  • Support from our Help Center, Academy, and Community
  • Real-time data syncs across your apps, plugins, and platforms
integrations that feed into the klaviyo platform
Developers and Partners

If you can build it, you can integrate it

Whether your business has a custom tech stack or are building a new integration solution for a client, use Klaviyo’s new APIs to integrate with any platform.

Developer-friendly features

  • State-of-the-art NoSQL architecture
  • No data pre-configuration necessary
  • Flexible and scalable APIs to build new integrations
  • API reference docs and guides, new SDKs and developer tools, 
and a community forum for support

Why Klaviyo?

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