Premium support

Combine the power of the Klaviyo platform with advanced strategic services to make large strides in growing your brand’s business.

Save time and optimise your strategy with insight from Klaviyo’s dedicated experts. Our team works closely with your business to help bring ideas to life and deliver powerful results.

The guidance you can expect for setup, strategy, and beyond


Align on strategy, migration planning, and best-fit templates and automations to get you up and running in just a few weeks.


Connect your entire tech stack with Klaviyo and use all your customer data in real time.

Data integrity and performance

Validate data sources, test performance, and ensure best practices for segmentation, automations, and reporting.


Enable smooth email delivery with best practices and a customised sender warming plan for better inbox placement.

Get ongoing support from a dedicated customer success manager

Your customer success manager is ready to provide insights and advice to help navigate strategic decisions, spot opportunities, and drive great results.

Tackle ambitious goals

Develop a custom success plan that optimises your owned marketing strategy and establishes best practices for omnichannel campaigns.

Enhance customer experiences

Identify and address friction in the customer journey with custom automations that fuel instant, personalised outreach.

Optimise marketing strategies

Get expert insights on how to improve click and conversion rates with A/B testing, personalisation, and predictive analytics.

Improve your engagement model

Develop a campaign calendar and segmentation strategies to help optimise deliverability and revenue per recipient.

Audit your tech stack

Align on opportunities to capture customer data and drive new experiences using loyalty programs, referrals, social proof, and more.

“Our customer success manager has become an extension of our team, and really, a strategic partner… Not only guiding us through the nuances of the platform when we have some crazy, out-of-the-box idea, but also giving us direction to bring all of our experiments to life.”
Courtney Wallace, VP, eCommerce, PinkLily