Downloadable UK retail calendar

Key 2023 ecommerce dates you need to know

See over 150 dates that matter to UK consumers to decide what’s most relevant to your brand and audience so you can ensure that your ecommerce marketing strategy hits home.

Never miss a marketing moment

Staying up-to-date on new seasonal events is daunting. And, it only takes one or two missed opportunities to feel like you’ve missed out on memorable moments that would have inspired your customers to shop with your brand.

So make sure you never get another email from your top competitor advertising the perfect seasonal promotion that you skipped over.

With this calendar, you’ll see all the key dates and activities that you should consider when creating and executing your ecommerce marketing campaigns. We’ve included key dates such as bank holidays and seasonal events, as well as other important dates for the Klaviyo community, like awards season and regional events.

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UK 2023 retail calendar to download for ecommerce businesses