Ecommerce strategies to  help you grow amid inflation

How can marketers grow revenue numbers when people must carefully consider purchases amid economic distress? This guide takes 2023 consumer stats and real examples to share proven strategies that drives revenue.

What to expect in the guide

In today’s digital era, online shopping is an integral part of consumer behaviour. Understanding consumer preferences and behaviour is crucial for businesses aiming to build a loyal base of customers—along with influx of new shoppers.

This guide explores key insights from a consumer survey of 2,000 UK shoppers—focusing on:

  • The impact of the economic state
  • Marketing strategies that resonate—and fail
  • How to balance acquisition and loyalty amid inflation

Read about actionable strategies to build a loyal audience, acquire customers effectively, and optimise marketing efforts to enhance customer satisfaction and drive sales.

Some highlights of what you'll learn

UK consumer stats
examples from real brands
templates for automated flows
ways economically stressed people want you to market to them

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