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Build inflation-proof relationships

Learn the latest UK consumer data to inform how to position your business so when your customers buy, they choose your products—and ignore your competitors.

What’s going on in UK retail right now?

We surveyed 2,000 consumers across the UK to uncover some of the latest trends in ecommerce. Here are three key findings:

  • 83% of UK consumers are cautious with their spending right now.

Appreciate where your customers are right now—emotionally and financially—to ensure you don’t scare them away with insensitive messaging or ineffective marketing strategies.

  • The top 3 marketing strategies consumers are receptive to: regular sales, loyalty programs, and content that’s personalised to their interests.

You can’t control how consumers shop, but you can align with how consumers expect to shop now by testing the tactics shared in this guide.

  • 88% of Brits want brands to speak up about today’s important issues.

People don’t want brand to stay silent—they’re calling for discussion on everything from the economic state to Climate Change and human rights.

What should brands do about this?

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