Dos and don’ts
for your best Black Friday campaign yet

From password-protected VIP sales to eye-catching GIFs, see examples and advice for how brands increase their email ROI during the busiest promotion period of the year.

Preview some of the top tips

With Black Friday quickly approaching, is there anything you can add to your plans to make them more effective?

Make any necessary tweaks to your campaigns now—and avoid learning the hard way—with the dos and don’ts of Black Friday. Preview some of the top tips here:

Optimise your marketing automations before Black Friday

Do: optimise your automations

Year round, key marketing automations like a welcome series and abandoned cart flow ensure a website visitor has more opportunities to become a customer—which is never more powerful than during Black Friday.

Learn from key European experts on how to set expectations for Black Friday

Don't: set false expectations

There’s a fine line between enticement and manipulation. If your customers need to spend £200 to get
 a 15% discount, state it clearly. The truth will come out at check-out, and people will end up walking away with a bad taste in their mouth.

Consider Black Friday alternatives to deep discounts

Do: consider discount alternatives

Even though Black Friday is known for steep discounts, they’re not your only option if they don’t make sense for your margins or your brand values. Segment your audience according to what they’re most interested in so you can offer something most relevant to them—get ideas for what alternatives to offer in the full guide.

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Black Friday marketing campaign examples from European brands