Klaviyo vs. dotdigital for ecommerce marketing

Klaviyo is built for merchants who want to grow fast. Our integration is quick and seamless so when you migrate your data and tech stack over – no data lost. Experience enterprise-grade segmentation, email automation, and multi-channel support — without usability issues. Get started for free today.

Data migration and integration

Other marketing platforms miss the details. Klaviyo features real-time data integration, so you can use all of your data without limits. Migration is easy, with over 350 pre-built integrations, and our open source API allows for full customisation with your tech stack. Start personalising your customer experience as soon as you switch over.

Looking to integrate a custom-built ecommerce platform? Our flexible API also makes it possible. You’ll never have to worry about data purges or extra fees for added storage. There are no limits on how you use it or how far back you can reference.

Artificial intelligence and data visualisation reporting tools

Make the most of your sending strategy with Klaviyo’s built-in AI tools, like Predicted Customer Lifetime Value, Smart Send Time, Predicted Date of Next Order, and more. Dotdigital doesn’t feature any of those—but going without analytics can mean wasting money.

With Klaviyo, you can create custom A/B tests to keep discovering insights that will help you grow. It’s the best way to optimise your content strategy and learn how your email content resonates. Customisable templates and flexible tools give you endless ways to switch up your strategy and keep growing.

Grow faster with a platform that grows with you

With Klaviyo, you can launch new campaigns and automations in minutes, not days or weeks. Scalable, enterprise-grade capabilities give you the tools to create more personalised, relevant marketing moments — no matter how big your audience grows. And pricing is flexible: Whether you use Klaviyo for email, SMS, or both, you can count on flexible month-to-month pricing with all-in access to features. You’ll never pay extra for integrations or features.