Use Klaviyo SMS for your business text message marketing

SMS compliance leads to higher deliverability and engagement with your text marketing campaign. 146,000+ brands trust Klaviyo to help deliver outstanding email and SMS experiences.

Remain compliant when you send business messages

Improve messaging efficiency

Default safeguards help you send compliant messages.

Scale your message volume

Robust infrastructure is built to handle high message volume.

Reach engaged audiences

Powerful segmentation makes it easy to send relevant content.

Get smart support

Guided onboarding, training, and resources keep you informed.

Send every message with confidence

No matter how big your audience gets, Klaviyo is ready to send personalised emails and text messages at scale. Fast, dependable deliverability helps you reach customers the right way, so you can stay focused on driving great results.

Business texting to scale marketing

Transparent delivery rates

Unlike other platforms, Klaviyo gives you visibility into both email and SMS delivery rates.

Excellent performance

Longstanding business partnerships have enabled SMS deliverability over 97%.

Backed by data science

Optimise deliverability with features like Smart Send Time and text A/B testing.

Simplify SMS compliance and consent

Grow your contact list and streamline your workflow with features that tackle the details for you. Klaviyo’s consent management and compliance tools can help you save time and money, so you can stay focused on delivering excellent customer experiences.

Klaviyo SMS supports audiences in the UK, Ireland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Built-in safeguards

Consent management

Effortlessly keep customer profiles up to date as you grow your contact lists and collect email and SMS consent.

Regional customisation

Texts include region-specific compliance and opt-out language by default.

Compliance enablement

Built-in consent safeguards and features like Quiet Hours help you work quickly.

Get expert guidance at your fingertips

Deliverability and compliance can seem complex, but we’re here to keep things simple. Guided onboarding, training, and a robust help centre put expertise at your fingertips, and our dedicated support team offers even more insight.

Klaviyo is a proud member of M3AAWGCTIA, and CWTA, industry organisations that share our dedication to shaping the future of communication and technology.