Email marketing benchmarks by industry 2024

Data is a marketer’s best friend—particularly performance data. In these 2024 benchmarks, we share data based on over 325B emails to help ecommerce marketers from retails like fashion, beauty, health, and more.

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Dig into the performance data to see where you stand on email open rates, click rates, conversion rates, and revenue per recipient in comparison to your industry’s average.
Open rate
Click rate

Revenue per recipient (RPR)
Placed order rate

Based on analysis of over 325B emails sent with the Klaviyo platform in 2023.

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While one-time email and SMS campaigns often get the glory, automated flows (like abandoned cart or post purchase messages) generate up to 30x more revenue per recipient* than campaigns because they are so timely and targeted.

Of course, campaigns still drive plenty of purchases—and can be even more effective with smart segmentation—but marketers who want to drive revenue while they sleep will do well to focus on their flows.

*Based on the difference between average RPR for email campaigns ($0.11) and average RPR for abandoned cart flows ($3.65).


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