Prestashop Automation Built with Klaviyo

Speak to every customer like they’re the only ones

Talk to your shoppers like you know them with the help of automation. Automate your marketing campaigns: send tailor-made content to targeted leads, engage better with your audience and increase your conversion rate.

Let Automation do the talking

PrestaShop Automation, built with Klaviyo, helps you bring your marketing campaigns to another level with hyper-personalised messages and boundless segmentation possibilities. Scale your marketing operations, save time and grow your sales.

Make your email marketing strategy more personal

With automation, every email and message you send can feel unique to your target recipient. Put your customers’ data to good use and reach the audience you need based on their location, profile info, shopping habits and more. Benefit from proven, pre-built, fully customisable templates and an award-winning builder. Perfect your overall marketing strategy with predictive analytics and data-backed optimisations.

Side-by-side views of Cindy Murakami’s customer profile, a window displaying Smart Send Time, and a back-in-stock email about a bag she’d been looking at

Turn contacts into sales

Nurture your leads into loyal customers. Automation tracks your leads’ behaviours so that you can trigger automated messages when they take key actions. Create tailored marketing campaigns that will engage your audience, resonate with their needs and preferences.

Connect key marketing channels

Amplify your marketing campaigns with a complete and easily accessible overview of your customers’ data. Send personalised content via email & push notifications, and reach your future shoppers wherever they are, whenever they’re most likely to buy.

PrestaShop's recommended automation software
Not all PrestaShop integrations are created equal. Details matter. That’s why Automation by Klaviyo is PrestaShop's recommended platform.

Powerful segmentation

Send the right content to the right audience with unlimited criteria.

Unified database

Centralise your historical and real-time datasets, automatically synced in a user-friendly interface.

One-click data integrations

Bring all your data together with over 300+ pre-built integrations.

Predictive and custom reports

Get pre-built dashboards and personalised analytics on your campaigns’ performances.

High-performing templates

Use proven email and flow templates you can further optimise for your audience with A/B testing.

A cross-channel solution

Coordinate messaging and engage with customers through omnichannel marketing.

Codeless signup forms

Deploy signup forms without the need to write a single line of code.