Predictive Data Analytics

Optimise results with AI-driven insights

Forecast customer behaviour, get context on business metrics, and enhance your strategy with built-in analytics and reporting tools.

Get cutting-edge machine learning and analytics

AI and auto-generated predictive analytics allow you to power personalisation at scale. Our learning tools help generate insights through journey tracking and forecasting, so you can segment and automate communication based on customer behaviour.

  • Next order date
  • Lifetime value
  • Churn risk
  • Spending potential
  • Automated A/B testing
  • Predicated demographics
  • Smart send time
  • Personalised product recommendations

Learn which acquisition channels matter most

Advertising ROI only tells part of the story. To optimise your acquisition marketing, you need to know which channels bring in the customers that spend the most over a lifetime. Knowing you have limited time, this helps you understand where to focus your efforts.

Identify early VIPs

Predictive customer lifetime value analytics set you up to identify, segment, and reach out to your highest value customers from day one, once you know who your VIPs are you can continually engage them.

Direct acquisition efforts to similar customers

Boost acquisition efforts by building a segment of high CLTV customers in Klaviyo, automatically syncing the segment to a Facebook lookalike audience helping you find more of your most valuable customers.

Maximise your email engagement

Use send time optimisation to find the perfect time to send all your emails. We answer the ‘when to send an email’ question with Smart Send Time. All Klaviyo users can determine the best send time using real data science methodology. Once testing is complete, Klaviyo will tell you exactly when to send your emails to maximise engagement. No more guessing. No more maths. We do it all for you.

Data science with a purpose

Automate and save time

Processing customer data is complicated and time consuming. Our data science features do the heavy lifting for you. Stop manipulating spreadsheets, and start converting insights into action.

AI with a human touch

Klaviyo’s data science features are developed based on the insights and customer feedback from our base of over 15,000 of the world’s most innovative ecommerce brands. Our priority is practical features that help you move faster to generate more sales.

Accelerate growth

Whether it’s uncovering your most profitable acquisition channels or launching a repeat purchase nurture automated email flow based on predicted date of next purchase, Klaviyo’s data science engine will help you accelerate your online sales.