Customer Data Platform

Fuel revenue growth with our customer data platform

Ingest, manage, enrich, and use all your customer data on a single platform—without hiring data engineers or spending months on integration.
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The customer data platform

Centralised data is the key to informed, strategic marketing activations. Klaviyo gives you access to a full lifetime view of your customer’s engagement with your brand—allowing you to use customer data to drive increased purchases from your most profitable buyers: the customers who already have a relationship with you.
For 2023, our CDP engineering team is building something even bigger.

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Unify your tech stack

Use all your data on a single platform. Over 300 pre-built integrations pull in data from top software in just a few clicks, and open APIs offer even more flexibility for custom projects.

Pull in data from:

  • Ecommerce platforms
  • Referral platforms
  • Loyalty platforms
  • Review platforms
  • Helpdesk
  • POS
  • Subscription
  • Returns
  • Shipping and logistics
  • Any other data sources
Unify your ecommerce tech stack with Klaviyo's CDP

Ingest data without worries

No need to define a data schema. Klaviyo One’s SQL-optional architecture offers the flexibility to ingest the data you need, regardless of data volume and age—all without restrictions on the number of fields or custom properties.

Manage your data without worrying about:

  • Creating a custom data schema
  • Defining acceptable data in advance
  • The number of fields
  • The number of unique events
Ingest and sync all your data into one platform with Klaviyo's CDP

Query and segment in seconds

Automatically keep dynamic segments and personalised customer experiences up to date with the latest real-time data—no coding required.

Features include:

  • Auto-index caching
  • Access to live and historical data
  • Highly flexible segmentation parameters
  • Simple yet powerful drag-and-drop builder
Klaviyo CDP provides predictive analytics to forecast segment behaviour