Growing Your Audience Using Facebook Lead Ads

facebook lead ads

For any business, having a presence on Facebook and Instagram can be a catalyst for growth. These global social media platforms provide access to an engaged audience as well as advanced advertising features that can increase your marketing reach and draw new customers to your business.

A powerful offering from Facebook is the ability to create advertisements that can also serve as a direct lead generation tool. These unique ads — called Lead Ads— can be used to collect contact information, and other details, about people interested in your brand or what you’re selling.With Klaviyo’s Facebook Advertising integration, you can sync all ad responders directly to a list in Klaviyo, including the responder’s email and any other custom form fields you’ve defined. Klaviyo also creates an event to mark when someone fills out a Lead Ad form. This makes it easy to trigger autoresponders that follow up with all new leads instantly. You can even segment leads by the information they’ve shared, or the specific form they’ve filled out, for more targeted outreach.With Klaviyo’s native Lead Ads integration, you can set up a sync to collect people in real time as they sign up through a Lead Ad Form on either Facebook or Instagram. It’s easy to set this up for any ads you have running. Visit the List Settings page for any list in Klaviyo, and choose the Lead Ad Forms you want to connect from the Facebook Advertising area.

Tip: If you have several different ads running, you can choose to sync all incoming leads to the same Klaviyo list. For each new lead, we’ll track the specific ad form they came from. This way, you can easily build dynamic segments in Klaviyo later to find people that responded to the same ad so you can target your follow-up messaging. Learn more about setting up Klaviyo’s Facebook Advertising integration in the Klaviyo Help Center.

Once you’ve selected one or more Lead Ad Forms to connect, Klaviyo will automatically start syncing all new contacts that fill out a form to this list.  We’ll sync all details that you collected on your ad form and store this information on each contact’s profile in Klaviyo. One key way Facebook Lead Ads can be helpful is if you’re trying to grow your blog or newsletter audience directly. With a Lead Ad Form, new subscribers can add themselves to your list immediately with two clicks.


Lead Ads are particularly powerful when you choose to target your advertising using Facebook’s “lookalike audience” feature. This feature allows you put your ads in front of Facebook and Instagram users with similar interests and attributes to those already engaging with your brand. Klaviyo’s Facebook Advertising integration also supports custom audience syncing, so you can build a custom audience out of your current newsletter list — or most loyal VIP customers — and then use this to create a lookalike audience for Lead Ad targeting.

Tip: When you start collecting new leads through a Lead Ad Form, don’t forget to add these new subscribers to a welcome flow after they join. Fully harness the moment when new subscribers are thinking about your business by making a timely offer as a reward for signing up.Experiment with ads that highlight a single product with a “Send Me More Information” call-to-action. To automate the follow-up on this request, create an automated email flow triggered by that event with a filter for the specific form’s Ad ID.

You can duplicate this same flow for each product you advertise, varying the filter for each Ad ID you have. This way, you have a one-step flow that sends each new lead an email with detailed product information, including price, description, and a “Buy Now” button that links the recipient to the right page in your store. Now you’re capturing direct product interest and following up with a timely response to maximize conversion potential.

Tip: Using Klaviyo’s Product Block — which is part of our WYSIWYG template editor — you can design and build this email quickly for each ad or product you’re promoting.To drive new interest and incentivize people to engage with your ads, try offering a special coupon offer to those that sign up. Klaviyo supports unique coupon code generation for both Shopify and Magento stores, so you can send each new lead a unique code as a reward for filling out your form. Simply configure a triggered flow to send a dynamic coupon to each new subscriber, including linked images of your most popular products to help drive these new leads back to your website. You could also segment this flow depending on whether a new subscriber is already a customer, providing different offers to each group.

Tip: Facebook prices their ads based in part on engagement rate, so offering a small incentive to act immediately can help keep your ad costs down while increasing your conversion rate.


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