Your  ultimate toolkit for ecommerce marketing automation

A 15-step checklist to help you craft emails that convert. A fully automated ecommerce customer journey, broken down into an easy-to-visualise infographic. Get this and more in the Ecommerce Marketing Automation for Dummies Toolkit.

Make your marketing automation more effective

One of Klaviyo’s most popular learning resources is Ecommerce Marketing Automation for Dummies—a 64-page free guide that helps distil advanced ecommerce marketing automation concepts.

Whether you’ve already read it or you’re not quite ready to take that long of a coffee break to read about marketing automation, we have good news. The Ecommerce Marketing Automation for Dummies Toolkit is a bite-sized version that helps you:

  • Up-level your marketing automation
  • Deliver personalised ecommerce experiences
  • Improve email conversions

How? With three actionable resources, ready for you to bookmark, forward to your marketing friends and colleagues, frame for the office (okay, that might just be us)—anything that makes them easily accessible the next time you’re creating an email or automation flow that you want to delight your audience.

What to expect inside the toolkit

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