Support is now Available via Live Chat

We’re happy to announce that we’ve added another way to get help when using Klaviyo.

Starting today, we now offer live chat support to our paying customers. Live chat has been a frequently requested service and we are excited to make it available to customers. Some feedback we have heard is that our customers want to ask questions and get solutions with the support team in real-time. Live chat is the best way to have these conversations. Whether you have questions, compliments, or complaints, we want to hear more from you.

To begin, Live Chat is available from 9 AM – 5 PM Eastern time, Monday through Friday and can be accessed through the Support area of Klaviyo for paying customers.

Email support will remain an option, and we’re adding hundreds of new articles and videos to our updated knowledge base at

In addition, our Product Education Team holds weekly office hours, provides live demos of Klaviyo features, and conducts an extended question and answer session.. The list of topics and features will, of course, grow over time.


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