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This week, we have three new additions to our smart campaign sending strategies. These new features will allow you to A/B test emails by time, send emails by local timezone, and send by percentage. Determining when your customers are most likely to read your emails is crucial for a successful marketing campaign, and managing send times accordingly is equally crucial. Luckily, we’ve made it easy for you!

A/B Send Time Test

There have been numerous studies on when is the best time to send emails, but results vary by industry and other factors. The best way to get results relevant to your business is to run your own study, which is precisely what our new A/B Send Time Test feature allows you to do.

When you add a variation to your campaign, you will be able to send the same email at different times to see which time yields the highest open and click-through rates.

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You’ll notice that both variations have the same subject line – that’s because it’s important that you only change one variable at a time. Otherwise, if one email is more successful, it will be difficult to isolate the causal factor. Like our other A/B testing options, you’ll be able to fine-tune what percentage of recipients is tested, and you can analyze the results of the campaign on your campaign reports page once it’s finished running.

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After you’re able to figure out when your customers are most receptive to your campaigns, you can use this information to send by timezone.

Send by Timezone

The specific time of day someone receives an email has a tremendous impact on how he or she interacts with it – i.e., whether it will be opened, read, or quickly deleted. However, even once you’re able to work out the optimal time to send an email, you’ll be faced with another problem: often, you can only target a specific timezone. Generally, this means sending emails at a convenient time for most of your recipients. If the majority of your customers are in New York City, you may send your campaign at 12:00 PM EST. The problem is, you’re sacrificing the convenience of a subset of your customers – your customers in Tokyo, for example, who are receiving the email at 1:00 AM JST.

Our new Send by Timezone feature allows you to tailor your email marketing to your recipients’ local timezones. As soon as anyone on your mailing list interacts with one of your campaigns, Klaviyo will automatically determine their location – so, all this data is already stored in your Klaviyo account.

If you’d like to send a campaign to all your customers at 12:00 PM local time, simply select “Send based on each recipients timezone so they receive this campaign on X Day at 12:00 pm in their local timezone” when you’re scheduling your campaign (note: if you choose to send your campaign immediately, you will not be given the Send by Timezone option).

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Send by Percentage

You may choose to send a percentage of your email campaigns at a time if you’re concerned about overloading your servers. This practice is also called throttling, and it simply means that you send them out piecemeal, as opposed to all at once.

Let’s say you’re an online clothing store and your newsletter contains a link to your brand new winter collection. If you’re sending this email to your entire mailing list, you might be worried that the sudden influx in traffic will overload your servers. By emailing only a percentage of your list at a time, you can avoid this problem.

Like our Send by Timezone feature, this option is displayed when you’re scheduling a campaign.

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What’s next?

These campaign sending features are the newest addition in a continued effort to give you access to as much information as possible about your email recipients. Once you understand their habits and preferences, you can send more intelligent emails, and we want to totally streamline this process. On the horizon are more advanced reporting features, so stay tuned!

Which of these three new features are you most excited about? Are there any other campaign sending options you’d like to see from us? Let us know in the comments.


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