How to Use Klaviyo to Update Your Order and Shipping Confirmation Emails in Shopify

One of Klaviyo’s defining features is our intuitive, drag-and-drop email template builder, which makes it incredibly easy for marketers to create beautiful and responsive email templates without any knowledge of coding. Every email you create using the template builder is automatically saved as an HTML file, too. Because of this, it’s as easy as copy and pasting to import your templates into Shopify.

Unlike marketing emails, emails like shipping and order confirmations are transactional emails that are often sent directly through Shopify. Shopify’s email template builder is limited in terms of styling and branding, so many Klaviyo users prefer to create their transactional emails in Klaviyo and import them into Shopify.

1. Create Your Template in Klaviyo

First, create your email in Klaviyo using the template editor. Using our editor, you can design your email however you’d like, with virtually no limitations. We even have built-in templates designed specifically for Shopify. For tips on email design best practices, check out these posts:

If you’re interested more specifically in shipping and order confirmation content, read our best practices:

2. Export the HTML

When you are finished designing your template, you will export the HTML by navigating back to the Email Templates tab and clicking the down arrow next to the particular template you would like to import into Shopify. Here, you will see an option to export.

Email_Templates___KlaviyoA window containing the HTML will pop up; simply copy this code.

3. Import the HTML Into Shopify

Now that you have the HTML for your template, you will need to go into your Shopify account settings and update your pre-built templates. Navigate to the Notifications tab and you will see your transactional email templates.

Candy_Corner___Notifications___ShopifyOnce you click into the particular email you would like to change, you can simply switch out the existing code with the HTML you copied from your Klaviyo account.

And voila! It’s that easy to update your transactional emails in Shopify. Updating these templates will allow you to maintain brand consistency in your customer-facing messaging and styling, namely in your marketing and transactional emails.

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Marissa Petteruti
Marissa started at Klaviyo on the Marketing team, and is now a technical writer on the Product Education team. She enjoys writing helpful content for our customers and training them on how to use the product.
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