Shopify Dynamic Coupons Are Now For Everyone

At Klaviyo, we’ve long been relying on Shopify’s Discounts API to let Shopify Plus customers personalize their emails with unique coupon codes. When Shopify made the decision to build a new dashboard for discounts, along with a new API – the Price Rules API — Klaviyo became one of the few partners to get early access.

Over the past few months, we’ve been working closely with Shopify to prepare for the release of the Price Rules API, but we’ve also been keeping a pretty big secret…Starting today, Klaviyo now supports unique coupon code generation for all Shopify merchants. Yeah, you heard us, not just Plus stores, but ALL Shopify stores.


Historically, the Shopify Discounts API has been a “Plus Only” feature. But with the release of Shopify’s new Price Rules API also came the announcement that this API would not be limited to Plus stores only.

When we first caught wind that this was a possibility, we immediately got to work on an enhanced version of our dynamic coupons feature that would make it easy for all Shopify stores to start leveraging unique coupon codes in emails.


When existing Klaviyo customers using Shopify login for the first time today, they will be prompted to update their integration settings. The good news? This is a one-click action! New Shopify stores joining Klaviyo from this point forward will be ready to go automatically. The coupons feature itself can be accessed easily through the Coupons tab in Klaviyo’s left-hand navigation menu.

To create a new coupon, you just have to give your coupon a name and decide what type of discount you’d like to offer.


After defining and saving your new coupon, you can then copy a placeholder tag for the discount into any email. At send time, the dynamic tag will be replaced with a unique coupon code — each of your email recipients will receive a one-time use unique code generated just for them.

The best part? You just have to create a coupon once, and we’ll take it from there, keeping unique codes flowing to your email recipients until you decide to expire the offer. This feature provides a great alternative to creating a generic coupon code for a given promotion, and means you don’t have to worry about codes being shared.


Part of Shopify’s motivation in making this change is to offer more flexibility and discounting options to its merchants. And we couldn’t risk not taking advantage of that – which is why we’ve made some changes to expand how Klaviyo Coupons for Shopify can be used.

We’re now giving Shopify merchants the ability to create more exclusive discounts than ever, by offering new ways to restrict who can use a code and how a code can be applied. For example, you’ll now be able to set specific date ranges for when a coupon is valid. You can also limit eligibility for a Free Shipping discount to buyers from specific countries.

Here are a few examples of exclusive offers you can create:

  • Free Shipping on orders over $50 when shipping within the United States; expires after 10 days
  • $25 off orders over $100; only valid between 4/25/2017 and 5/1/2017
  • 20% off any purchase of Klaviyo Green T-Shirts; expires 5/5/2017

At Klaviyo, we’re always working hard to develop new features that add value to our customers. When our eCommerce partners — like Shopify — rollout new things themselves, this is often a great opportunity for us to bring those same enhancements into the Klaviyo platform.

With the release of Shopify’s new Price Rules API, and the announcement that this API is open for all Shopify merchants regardless of their plan, Klaviyo is excited to be one of a few select partners offering support for this feature on Day 1. Above all, we’re psyched to be bringing a simple, easy to use unique coupon code generation feature to all of our Shopify customers.

What does this mean for you? No more generic discounts that you’d really like to restrict to a specific product or collection, and no more 20% off codes getting shared across the entire internet.

Happy discounting, Shopify merchants!


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  • Nice!
    I was curious if there is an easy way to set up Variations to receive the proper discounts in a flow.
    For example:
    Email 1A = 15% off
    Email 1B = 20% off
    Email 2A = 15% off
    Email 2B = 20% off
    So that whichever coupon that a subscriber gets, it’s reflected in the next email?

    • Hi Dean! For Email #2, it sounds like you may want to do a more controlled split based on which code someone received in Email #1 (vs. randomized A/B testing). If you email our Success Team ( we can work through your use-case and help you set it up!

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