Live From Your Laptop

Not your typical virtual event — it's a weekly live and uncut talk show that brings the Klaviyo community together to learn real-life strategies from brands who are owning it.

About the series

Hear straight from groundbreaking brand builders from the Klaviyo community about how they’re growing their business and ask your most pressing questions. Then, participate in a hands-on group activity lead by each episode’s guest. Whether it’s a wine tasting, a workout, or a meditation session, you’ll leave refreshed, renewed, and inspired with actionable ideas you can bring back to your business.

Take an hour for yourself each week to connect with like-minded pros, unwind, and have a little fun.



Tuesday, June 30| 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM (EST)

Unicorns. Trucks. Pink. Blue. Dragons. Science. Trains. Cats. Rainbows. Sparkles. Princess Awesome makes clothes for girls with themes usually found only on boys’ clothes. Join the community and the founders of Princess Awesome for a discussion on how they’re growing their brand and using highly targeted campaigns and segmentation to connect with new and existing customers. Then, let the kids join for a fun fashion designer course and a DIY slime making class.



Tuesday, July 7| 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM (BST) / 11 AM – 12 PM (EST)

A special Live From Your Laptop UK edition! Hear from Gym Plus Coffee’s Co-Founder and Digital Marketing Manager about how this athleisure apparel brand started, the story behind the name, and ways they’ve completely flipped the scale from retail store sales to online sales. Then, get ready to sweat away stress with a 30-minute yoga class.


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Live from Your Laptop:TB12

Hear from TB12’s CMO on marketing strategies, how they are growing with Klaviyo, and ways this global health and fitness brand is pivoting during this time. Then, get your sweat on with a Tom Brady inspired workout with a TB12 body coach.

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Live from your laptop Mele

Hear from mēle’s CMO and Co-Founder on how this shake brand tripled subscribers using Klaviyo, tips on building out unique flows, and how they are helping the world during COVID-19. Then, watch an interactive cooking class with MTHR Nutrition’s Founder.

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Community Q&A with 7Cellars

Watch as 7Cellars and the Klaviyo community discuss marketing strategies for pivoting business in a COVID-19 world. Hear how Klaviyo customer, 7Cellars, moved 40% of their business to ecommerce and tips and tricks to becoming a wine connoisseur!

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Live from Your Laptop: Dog is Good

Hear how Dog is Good is saving lives one dog at a time and how they’ve used Klaviyo to generate 46% of their store’s revenue. Then, learn some training tips and tricks for you and your pet to do together!

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Live from Your Laptop: Youth to the People

Learn how skincare brand, Youth to the People, is using Klaviyo to grow and driving traffic from closed Sephora stores during COVID-19 to their online store. Plus, get skin care tips for finding that summer glow!

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Live from Your Laptop: My Intent

What’s your word? Hear from the founders of MyIntent – a lifestyle jewelry brand that was featured on the Today Show – on ways they are using Klaviyo to grow and how they’ve pivoted their marketing tactics and business model during COVID-19. Then take part in a live meditation session!

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Hear how this global haircare brand went from an idea to being sold in over 13 countries and 5,000 stores and salons, plus how they are using Klaviyo to keep growing! Then, learn how to do the latest summer hair braiding trends and hair hacks!

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Get the scoop on how Swoon is using fun and creative campaigns to connect with customers and how they went from a sugar free simple syrup for cocktails to a multifaceted sugar alternative for every day use. Then, learn how to make some traditional cocktail favorites, right in time for summer!

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Check out how Klaviyo customer, Eight Sleep, is paving the way with sleep technology to unlock better health and wellness and ways they’ve used Klaviyo to increase customer lifetime value. Then, join the community for two yoga flows to help improve our sleep hygiene.

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Learn how this female and black-owned beauty brand is breaking the rules of makeup. From being featured on Shark Tank to being on the shelves at 450 Target stores worldwide, you’ll learn how they’re connecting with customers and using Klaviyo to scale. After, grab your makeup brushes to learn how to do a summer look in under 10 minutes.

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