Crush Your Brand Goals with Klaviyo’s New Academy and First-ever Product Certification

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As a marketer, business owner, or entrepreneur, you know that if you want to innovate and stay relevant to your customers, remaining up-to-date on the latest industry trends and constantly optimizing for the customer experience is a must. But where do you go to make sure you haven’t missed out?

The newly launched Klaviyo Academy and Product Certification are here to do just that, ensuring you have the marketing knowledge and skills you need to be successful. 

Conversations with 60,000+ Klaviyo customers who are owning their growth uncovered that a high-level blueprint on how to create engaging, delightful experiences is just as important as instructions on how to use the Klaviyo product.

Level-up with Klaviyo Academy

Klaviyo Academy is your one-stop shop for the strategic guidance you need to reach your goals.  New marketing professionals and seasoned pros alike can use the Academy to level-up your marketing acumen and gain the insights you need to own your business growth.

The Academy is course-based, so you can drill down on what’s most important to your brand with knowledge checks along the way to maximize your learning. 

Whether you’re looking to learn more about marketing strategy for an upcoming holiday, explore a deep dive into running a successful multinational brand, or find tips on preparing for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, the Academy has courses to help.

While the Help Center is still the best place for tactical guidance on how to use Klaviyo, the  Academy is where you can learn the marketing strategies that thousands of like-minded businesses are using to create an incredible return-on-investment (ROI).

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Show off your marketing prowess with Klaviyo’s Product Certification 

Klaviyo Academy is where you’ll find Klaviyo’s first ever Product Certification. 

The Product Certification is a series of courses that are designed to help you increase your confidence in using Klaviyo and to let you show off what you already know. 

In an hour and a half, you’ll become an expert on how to use Klaviyo effectively and efficiently, and become better equipped to grow your business.

Throughout the certification you’ll dive into how to optimize your communication style for different audience segments, learn about design best practices, and explore marketing strategies that will help you grow your brand. 

Along the way, you’ll hear from Klaviyo experts on how to maximize your ROI without having to spend hours worrying about your deliverability or poring over spreadsheets to ensure you’re making the best decision for your brand.

To show off all you’ve learned, you’ll take a brief exam to earn your certificate. You’ll be able to add your newly minted certificate to your LinkedIn profile to prove your Klaviyo expertise.

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Coming soon to the Klaviyo Academy

Good news! Not only is the Academy chock full of marketing insights, but the Product Certification is only the first of many certifications to come so you can enhance your marketing and business knowledge. 

What’s more you’ll find fresh, pertinent courses and on-demand live trainings every month that will cover all things ecommerce, marketing, and Klaviyo. 

You’ll never have to wonder what more you can do to stay on top of industry trends. Klaviyo Academy is here to help—24/7, 365, class is in session!

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