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Have you ever wanted to ask another ecommerce business owner how they’re tackling their advertising for Black Friday and Cyber Monday? Do you ever feel uninspired with your email design and want to see how others approached a high-performing email? Do you wish you could “phone-a-friend” when you’re stuck trying to understand the results of your last A/B test? 

Now more than ever, business owners and brand builders are looking to their peers to help them navigate the latest and greatest marketing strategies. Having a platform to connect with other like-minded entrepreneurs allows you the opportunity to quickly share ideas, tackle tough problems together, and learn from others’ real-life experiences.

If you’re looking for a better way to own your marketing and deepen your sense of belonging in the Klaviyo ecosystem, the newly launched Klaviyo Community—an online forum that helps entrepreneurs and marketers connect and collaborate—might just be the perfect place for you to make those connections and grow your business. 

What is the purpose of the Klaviyo Community?

The mission for the new online Klaviyo Community is to provide a collaborative space where customers can connect, learn, grow, and share with each other as you grow your businesses. Members of the forum are encouraged to share marketing stories and experiences to help others learn from their peers and level up their product knowledge. 

Additionally, you’ll have the unique ability to engage with members of the extensive Klaviyo partner community, who will be at the forefront of these conversations sharing their ecommerce expertise and ideas. 

The Klaviyo Community is the ideal place to connect with thousands of other Klaviyo users from across the globe. And it’s a great resource to get feedback from your peers in the industry who share similar goals and challenges. 

What you’ll find in the Klaviyo Community

The Klaviyo Community is broken up into several key topic areas so you can easily find the right conversation for your interests. Here’s an overview of the key sections:

Welcome section

Start here to learn how to navigate the forum and find best practices on how to post and engage with other members online. Here, you’ll also find Klaviyo news and announcements, so be sure to check here first for our latest feature updates. 

Got a question

Come here to ask any questions you have about using Klaviyo. From account settings to deliverability, integrations, and more, you can post your questions in the appropriate subtopic to get a fast response from your peers in the Klaviyo Community.

Marketing and sales

This section highlights the success stories of Klaviyo customers, as well as broader industry topics. Expect to find great podcasts from partners and customers alike, and hear about some of their top A/B tests, best campaign strategies, timely advice for holiday sales, and more. 

Advanced help

This section outlines more advanced ways to use Klaviyo and gives you the opportunity to ask questions from our growing developer network. You can search here for API tips and tricks, details on custom integrations, and more. 

Each of these key topic areas offers a space for you to ask your peers your burning questions, while also providing a platform for those who want to share their success stories or get feedback on specific marketing strategies.

Join the conversation

To join the conversation with your peers around the globe, simply create your free Klaviyo Community account using your Klaviyo login email.

Not yet a Klaviyo customer? Sign up now, then use the link above to join the Klaviyo Community.

Join the Klaviyo Community

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