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Frankie's Bikinis

Learn how Frankies Bikinis uses back-in-stock emails and location-based segmentation to reach their customers with the right marketing messages and grow their brand.

About this episode:

Brittney shares Frankies Bikinis marketing strategy on:

  • Using back-in-stock emails with a demand-based strategy
  • Segmenting customers by location and season
  • A segmented sending strategy for student shoppers

Create a Location-Based Segment

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Full Transcript


Brittney: Frankies Bikinis is a Malibu born brand of effortlessly cool designer swimwear, designed by Francesca Aiello and it also includes a sister brand called AIELLO of ready to wear clothing that we launched last fall.

Brittney: This is the marketing eCommerce office where all the magic happens … and all the emails. These are some of our emails. I actually print all my emails and hang them on the wall because I’ll forget. We have so many flows. I make sure they’re all hanging up here.

Brittney: And over here we have all of our current 2019 collections. They’re so cute. I’ll give you a sneak peek. Here we have some of our new season collections. This is the Enzo, it’s our best seller right now.

Alicia: So I know you recently launched Back in Stock. And with so many styles of swimsuits, I think it’s probably really important because people fall in love with a particular one for their body type. Can you walk me through kind of setting up the flow and the success that you’ve had with that so far?

Brittney: Yeah. So we have a really loyal and amazing customer base and we also have … We implemented, like, a demand-based strategy. We really hype up product releases and usually, they sell out within 24 hours of launch.

Back In Stock isn’t just great, it’s necessary for our business. We were using an outside app, and we were so when Klaviyo announced it. And we could just kind of move everything into one place. It makes it so much easier, but it’s absolutely crucial for us. It’s been such a lifesaver.

Brittney: So Klaviyo makes it really easy to adjust the settings for the Back in Stock flow, and how many people you want to send to, and what the waiting period is before sending the next flow of Back in Stock messages. Currently, our strategy is we send three to five emails per unit of stock. A lot of people will keep it conservative on one to one. But I like to bring kind of a rush to the audience.

Brittney: I think if a customer sees it sold out again, all it does is boost our brand recognition and they can re-sign up again. So that’s kind of our strategy there.

Alicia: So it’s almost its own little life cycle happening of re-signing up. Interesting.

Brittney: So that drives them to open our Back in Stock emails right away because they don’t want to miss it and there’s a sense of urgency. It’s kind of exciting. Even some of our customers … when we have the product launches, they’ll … on our live chat, they’ll be like, “I’m so excited!” And it’s fun for them.

Brittney: So Back in Stock creates a second wave of excitement that’s really fun.

Alicia: Totally. So Back in Stock is killing it for you guys. What other segmentation are you using within your email strategy?

Brittney: So we segment … As we’re a seasonal business, we segment northern and southern hemispheres. The southern hemisphere obviously has a different summer, so we can target them more aggressively during their summer and not bother out northern hemisphere customers that are chilling by the fire.

Brittney: Also we have a highly engaged target audience that we can segment more aggressively and outreach more aggressively to make sure they’re always up to date with the latest and greatest. We also use a student segment where we filter out all email addresses that have .edu at the end. And every February, we run a really big promotion offering a student discount so all the students can get their suits in time for spring break.

Brittney: Along with that segment, we’ve created a flow to keep retargeting them throughout the month.

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