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forms and list-building

Drive traffic and build your list


The Marketing List of Your Dreams
Brian Whalley, Director of Product, Klaviyo

It’s not hard to get a list of email addresses – if, that is, you don’t care about quality. The real question is: How can you grow your email list the smart way? The answer isn’t buying lists or running haphazard giveaways. Find out what it is.


Getting Started with Klaviyo Forms
Daniel Kezerashvili, Software Engineer, Content, Klaviyo
Sean Walsh, Product Manager of Onsite Content, Klaviyo

New to Klaviyo forms? Learn the foundational pieces that make a great signup form and how to build one in Klaviyo. Get inspired by real-life examples. No experience needed!


Taking Klaviyo Forms to the Next Level
Daniel Kezerashvili, Software Engineer, Content, Klaviyo
Sean Walsh, Product Manager of Onsite Content, Klaviyo

Once you have the basics of Klaviyo forms down, you’re ready for more. Learn how to use Klaviyo’s forms for progressive profiling and promotional messaging.


SEO for Ecommerce
Jon Lister, Strategist, SEO, Elite SEM

How do you think about SEO for your store today? Is it a primary driver of traffic to your site — or an afterthought? Get a competitive edge with a more strategic approach to your store’s SEO with tips on how to rank higher in organic search.


Content Marketing for Your Online Store
Matt Osias, VP, Content Marketing, Hawke Media

Should you have a blog? What about a “lead magnet”? And how can you make sure your efforts are going into content that actually leads to increased sales? Get answers to all of your content questions here!

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Automate store revenue from email

Automate store revenue from email


Unlocking the Power of Email Automation
Alexandra Edelstein, Senior Product Manager, Klaviyo

Multiply your results by automating your emails! Get a comprehensive framework for building (or improving) your marketing automation strategy.


Getting Started with Klaviyo Flows
Mitch Gruber, Account Executive, Klaviyo
Mary Rogers, Customer Account Manager, Klaviyo

Whether you call them “flows,” “automated emails,” or “drip emails,” they’re essential for any ecommerce business. Learn about the basic flow building blocks, typical use cases for automation, and common pitfalls to watch out for.


Next-Level Email Automation
Julian Mondonedo, Strategic Account Manager, Klaviyo
Andrew Kannan, Senior Software Engineer, Flows, Klaviyo

Already running basic flows? Learn how to automate an individualized customer experience across key points of the customer lifecycle using even more sophisticated Klaviyo flows.

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Targeted Emails

Send targeted emails that reach the inbox


Driving Growth with Smart Segmentation
Michael Grasewicz, Director of Marketing, Taylor Stitch

If you’ve already read the case study that clothing retailer Taylor Stitch did with Klaviyo, then you know that they take audience segmentation to the next level (and have the results to prove it). They lowered subscriptions 60% – and increased revenue per recipient 60% too. Find out how.


Getting Started with Building Segments
Marissa Petteruti, Technical Writer, Klaviyo
Alex Wallitsch, Account Executive, Klaviyo

Are you sending every email to all of your subscribers? Not anymore! Learn the fundamental building blocks of using segmentation to kickstart your email marketing strategy.


Advanced Segmentation in Klaviyo
Nick Hoffman, Software Engineer, Reporting and Segmentation Team, Klaviyo
Zach Wooster, Strategic Account Manager, Klaviyo

Get insights into the unique segmentation strategies that drive results for Klaviyo’s top ecommerce brands. This session moves fast, recommended for advanced users only.


Decoding Deliverability
Will Boyd, Senior Email Delivery Consultant, SendGrid

Keep the emails you send far away from the spam folder! If you’re constantly being told to “send it to everyone” this is a session you can’t miss. Get the inside scoop on best practices you can utilize to make sure your emails reach your subscribers and customers.


How to Clean Your List for Better Deliverability
Colleen Farrell, Product Expert, Klaviyo
Aubrey Holmes, Customer Success Team Lead, Klaviyo

Find out what it means to “clean your list” – and the simple steps you can take to make sure your emails reach the people you’re sending them to.

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AB Testing and Optimization

Optimize your emails and your store


Designing Emails That Convert
Matt Sanocki, Founder, Mineral.io

Do you think about conversion when you’re designing emails, or are you “designing in the dark”? This talk sheds some light on how to create emails that lead to purchases, from best practices for calls to action to avoiding common pitfalls with images.


Level Up Your Email Design
Mitch Gruber, Account Executive, Klaviyo
Julie Lungaro, Senior Product Designer, Klaviyo

Improve your email design skills by learning more about best practices and how to use Klaviyo’s email template editor.


Personalize Your Email Content
Scott Moucka, Product Expert, Klaviyo
Brandon Park, Product Expert, Klaviyo

Find out how to use dynamic data like Instagram feeds in your emails — and why you should be using it more often to drive sales.


Email A/B Testing: Beyond The Subject Line
Abby Siciliano, Senior Strategist, Email & CRM, Elite SEM

Which does better, plain-text or image-heavy emails? How about % or $ off promotions? The answers may surprise you. Get ready to check out real-life email A/B tests and what you need to keep in mind to get the most actionable results.


Testing & Optimization: A/B Testing in Klaviyo
Amelia Cohen, Marketing Operations Manager, Klaviyo
Chris Rignoli, Product Expert, Klaviyo

Learn the best practices to get started creating organized and impactful A/B tests in Klaviyo to enhance your marketing.


You Got Them to Your Site. What Now?
Jon MacDonald, President, The Good and Dan Weinsoft, Director of Conversion Rate Optimization Strategy, The Good

Jon and Dan have showed clients ranging from Xerox to Klean Kanteen how to improve the conversion rates of their websites. Discover the common mistakes you may be making in your own store today — and how to fix them.


Powering the Customer Journey With UGC
Mariel Bacci, Director, eCommerce Strategy, BVAccel and Jordan Gutman, VP of New Products, Yotpo

Hear from Yotpo and BVAccel how brands, like UNTUCKit, Chubbies, Ivory Ella and more seamlessly power their customer journey with meaningful user-generated content.

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Leveraging Customer Rewards Programs

Leverage subscriptions and rewards


Increase Customer Lifetime Value with Subscriptions
Rob Barr, Director of Partnerships and Enterprise Sales, ReCharge Payments

Subscriptions make a lot of sense when you sell replenishable items like coffee, supplements or wine. But can other ecommerce businesses get the recurring revenue that comes with adding subscriptions to your business model? ReCharge’s Rob Barr says yes! And he’s got some great examples to back it up.


Rewarding Customer Loyalty
Steve Deckert, Co-Founder, Smile.io

How can you reward your customers for their loyalty — and use that incentive program to make them even more loyal? Find out what you need to know about getting the most out of a rewards program for your store.


Pulling Custom Data Into Klaviyo
Stewart Wesley, Head of Partnerships, Swell Rewards

Get even more value out of your integrations! See how to leverage third-party data in Klaviyo to make your email marketing more impactful.

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Omnichannel marketing


Using Facebook Messenger Bots to Increase Sales
Ben Parr, Co-Founder and Chief Marketing Officer, Octane AI
Steve Weiss, CEO, MuteSix

Curious about using Facebook Messenger to connect with your customers? Look at common use cases and get tips for getting the most out of Messenger.


Channel Differentiation and Ownership
Sachin Wadhawan, Director, Technology Partnerships, BigCommerce
Tracey Wallace, Editor-in-Chief, BigCommerce

Whether you’re already selling on multiple platforms or thinking about if you should start, this talk is for you. Find out how you can optimize for success on both your own store website and on Amazon.


Using Email and Facebook Together for Maximum Impact
Cory Smith, Head of Email, Metric Digital

Your customers (and your potential customers) are on Facebook. Discover how to run coordinated Facebook and email campaigns, and see how using these two channels together can generate incredible results.


The Future of Commerce: Experience All Around
Steve Haase, Global Head of Solutions Engineering, Shopify Plus

Brands that thrive today are those that put experience first. See how brick-and-mortar retail is being enhanced by technology — and how innovative ecommerce stores are tapping into some of best parts of the in-person experience. Get inspired by examples, case studies, and recommendations.


Leveraging Klaviyo’s Facebook Integration
Navin Jain, Strategic Account Executive, Klaviyo
Kevin Lamenzo, Lead Technical Writer, Klaviyo

See how to get started with Klaviyo’s Facebook integration. Discover how to access Facebook’s world of data to find more amazing new customers like the ones in your own VIP list.

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Marketing Strategy

Big-picture marketing strategy


How to Systematically Grow Your Business with Email
Austin Brawner, CEO, Brand Growth Experts

How should you design your email marketing strategy? How will you know if it’s working? In this presentation, you’ll learn how top retailers drive sales through email and how you can systematically improve your results over time.


The Truth About Marketing
Agata Celmerowski, VP Marketing, Klaviyo

Where are we as an industry, and how should our current reality impact the way we approach marketing? Discover the 5 Brutal Truths about marketing – and 5 mindsets we we need to adopt to be successful.

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Get to know Klaviyo


Welcoming the Inevitable
Andrew Bialecki, CEO, Klaviyo

In this opening keynote from Klaviyo:BOS, hear from directly from Klaviyo’s CEO about where Klaviyo is — and where we’re going.


Klaviyo’s Product Roadmap
Jake Cohen, Director of Product, Klaviyo

This year, Klaviyo released 40+ new features and helped our customers make more than $1B in revenue. See how Klaviyo gives you what you need to build better relationships with your customers.


Getting Started With Klaviyo
Yari Gutierrez, Strategic Account Manager, Klaviyo/span>

Brand new to Klaviyo? See best practices for getting up and running fast so that you can start communicating with your customers and making sales.


Revenue and Health Checks 101
Ally Hangartner, Product Designer, Klaviyo
Tyler Pietri, Product Manager, Reporting and Segmentation, Klaviyo

Find out how to get more out of your Klaviyo reporting and use it to gain actionable insights for your business.

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