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Times have changed. The days of batch and blast emailing are over. In this new docu-series, we follow three brands who are doing things differently and keeping momentum going year round.

This twelve-episode series will premiere a new webisode each week as we follow how each brand prepares for Cyber Weekend, and markets during the holidays and beyond. Along the way, we’ll fill you in on what you should be doing as a business to push your marketing strategy to the next level.

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Trailer Klaviyo Beyond Black Friday

Series Teaser: Times Have Changed

The days of batch and blast emailing are over. In this new docu-series, we follow three brands who are doing things differently and keeping momentum going year round.

Episode 1 beyond black friday

Episode 1: Big Picture Email Strategy at Chubbies

How does the team behind some of the funniest copywriting in the industry pull it off week after week?

Episode 2 Klaviyo Beyond Black Friday

Episode 2: Email Sending Strategy

Meet Sunski, a sunglasses company that completely revamped their email marketing strategy in 2018 to deliver a more personalized experience.

Episode 3 Beyond Black Friday

Episode 3: Spreading the Love

The Love Is Project isn’t just selling bracelets. It’s a social enterprise that helps customers make a strong emotional connection between their products, the developing world artisans who make them, and the meaning of love and doing good in the world. Learn how they’ve used email to build their brand.

Episode 4: Thighber Monday

What goes into one of the biggest days of the year for Chubbies’ Thighber Monday sale? The team takes us behind the strategy used to drum up excitement and engagement for this mega promotion.

Episode 5: The Dress Rehearsal

With a laundry list of hypothesis for Black Friday, the Sunski team prepares with a full dress rehearsal during their Endless Summer Sale. What will they learn?

Episode 6: Getting the Gig

The Love is Project has landed a coveted spot on the Steals & Deals segment of Good Morning America just weeks before Black Friday, but how will they turn a spike of PR into long-lasting customer relationships?

Episode 7: Learning from the Past

For Grant and Joey of Chubbies, this isn’t their first rodeo. They’ve gone through years of running their two big holiday sales, now they’re giving their advice to others.

Episode 8: Engaging with VIPs

Sunski’s loyal followers, known as members of “Club Sunski” get the VIP treatment. Rich walks us through his strategy to engage with VIPs using email and Facebook.

Episode 9: Holiday Messaging

With a seemingly endless travel schedule, producing new content, the Love is Project walks us through the strategy of their updated holiday welcome series.

Episode 10: Keeping up Momentum

Once the dust has settled after Chubbies Thighber Monday promotion, how do they keep sales going throughout the year?

Episode 11: New Year, New Strategies

After a phenomenal Black Friday weekend, what new strategies and products are on the horizon for the team at Sunski?

Episode 12: Sharing the Love Year Round

With an appearance on Good Morning America in the books, and numerous partnerships on the horizon, we catch up with Chrissie Lam to hear about the future of the Love is Project.

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