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Enough with the Anxiety: How to survive Cyber Weekend 2020

Enough With The Anxiety: How To Survive Cyber Weekend 2020

September 17, 2020 | 1pm EST

Is 2020 over yet? Not exactly. And for those in ecommerce (AKA you), we still have Q4 and Cyber Weekend to go. It seems like our marketing plans are being revised and refreshed on a weekly—if not daily—basis with all that has been happening in the world. For some, this is causing a lot of anxiety around Cyber Weekend. Fear not, the folks from Klaviyo, Mailcharts, and The Common Thread Co. are here to help. During this webinar we’ll share survey results that highlight what’s keeping your ecommerce peers up at night. And, of course, the strategies to overcome those fears.

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Cyber Weekend 2020: What to Expect and How to Prepare

What can DTC brands expect, and what should they do now to prepare for Cyber Weekend 2020? Klaviyo’s telling all. In addition to analyzing the billions of ecommerce transactions captured by our platform, the team’s been conducting consumer research and studying market trends. Now, we’re sharing these eye-opening insights with you. Join us as we reveal our Black Friday and Cyber Monday predictions, and learn how you can fully capitalize on the holiday weekend.

Igniting Summer Sales: Marketing Strategies for a Successful Season

Join BigCommerce and Klaviyo as we unpack the latest trends in consumer behavior and what they mean for your brand’s summer sales strategy. You’ll explore ecommerce growth trends by vertical, email marketing engagement tactics practiced by top DTC brands, and the new state of relationship-building that consumers expect from ecommerce brands. Plus you’ll hear from Solo Stove, a global leader of portable stainless steel wood-burning stoves and fire pits. Tune in to discover the brand’s marketing game plan, and hear how they plan to drive sales all summer long.

Nine by Nine: 81 Brands Changing Modern Ecommerce

Klaviyo recently teamed up with our partners at Future Commerce to better understand which brands have staying power and why they’re so beloved. The results of that research are summarized and dissected in a new report, Nine by Nine: 81 Brands Changing Our World. Explore the research, discover key report findings, and have your questions answered in our upcoming webinar featuring expert insights by Phillip Jackson and Brian Lange, co-founders of Future Commerce.

From Acquisition to Retention: Optimizing your DTC customer journey

Discover innovative omnichannel strategies proven to help DTC marketers drive top-line revenue growth profitably. Say goodbye to data silos. From acquisition to retention, you’ll learn how to optimize your marketing with a deeper understanding of your customers at all stages of their lifecycle.

Ecommerce Insights Amid COVID-19: How the coronavirus is changing consumer behavior

With the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis rapidly evolving, brands worldwide are facing a new and challenging reality. Dig into a month’s worth of data behind consumer buying behavior, supply chain impact, sales patterns, ad spend changes, and more. Plus learn how brands are shifting their marketing strategy to address the current conditions.


Accelerate Business Growth with Klaviyo + Shopify

Uncertain what to do following the recent news that Mailchimp will no longer be supporting their integration with Shopify? During this webinar you’ll learn how easy the switch to Klaviyo can be and also hear about specific segmentation/automation tips to help drive revenue growth.


Selling through Segmentation: 12 Buyers Demanding More from Your Marketing

Personalization is more than using a customer’s first name. Learn how to deliver more relevant and targeted email and advertising experiences to generate revenue.


Showing the Love All-Year-Round

How do you consistently create memorable, revenue-driving experiences? By engaging your customers as you would a loved one. Join us as we share customer marketing strategies you can use to create brand enthusiasts for life.


Cracking the Churn Code: How to grow your subscription service through personalization

In this webinar you’ll learn how to fully realize the subscription opportunity, cut cancellations and minimize churn.

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