Beyond Black Friday Live: AMA Panel (Watch)

On March 26th, cast members from Klaviyos original docu-series, Beyond Black Friday, convened for a live AMA (ask me anything) panel event at Playa Studios in Los Angeles. On the panel was Joey Avery from Chubbies, Chrissie Lam from the Love is Project, and Ryan Turner of the Emails Funnel Agency.

In case you missed it, you can catch the full recording of the panel in the video below or check out a few of the highlights from the event.

Here’s a sampling of some of the questions and answers from the panel

What are some of the most successful tactics you’ve found to increase list size?

Joey: For list growth, we’ve had two different experiences. We had a one campaign that we ran that was incredibly successful at creating explosive list growth. That was also unhealthy list growth, so then when we tried to email those people, we had massive unsubs and it was not good for the health of our overall emails. That’s something that we do called the man model competition, where you can basically apply to be the next Chubbies model. It comes with a two year contract, and free trips, and free Chubbies for life. It’s this cool thing. People have their friends vote like 100 times a day and enter their email. So we would get like over 100,000 emails and we’re like, “Great, nailed it. It’s going to be awesome.” Then we’d send that first email and most of those people will be like, “What is this?” They didn’t know what they’d signed up for, so it was unsustainable even though it was initially very successful.

Where we’ve seen more success is through … We do have powerful social channels. We have over 400,000 people on Instagram that we can reach, and so we’ll run certain competitions. You can enter a March Madness bracket or we did a free trip to Hawaii giveaway, and we’ll drive people to our site. Then through Klaviyo, we’ll have a pop up window show up for that specific sweepstakes that people know they’re entering. That’s been a way to create healthier list growth.

That and then also using our big Cyber Monday campaigns, where people can sign up to get notified about whatever free gift they want, which is our promotion. That’s another way of getting people in that have a little more of an idea of who we are than just that they want to vote for their friend’s super sweet beach pic, and we’ve seen more success with those.

How do you create compelling content with a limited budget and time?

Chrissie: For creating content, I work with local photographers in each country I’m at, and I put together photo shoots with the artisans and also influencers in each country. Then with that, we make some easy GIFS and other things to be able to make our emails compelling. I think our customer really responds to is our impact emails. Just seeing what’s happening with your purchases. We also have our thank you reviews and stuff from our review system that we make into emails, and I think people also like to see those too.

We also do recycle, so repurposing emails. Say it’s World Meditation Day. We can use the Bhutan happiness collection for those emails. Or like the Holi Festival, each year it’s like okay, the India launched can be repurposed to that. Last year, it was really funny. Bastille Day happened and we have our French love bracelets. The next day, France won the World Cup, and we changed the subject line and we doubled our sales. We sent the same exact email. I think it’s just being clever. Right now, mercury retrograde, we have horoscope bracelets. We’re going to send out another mercury retrograde is over email. It’s just kind of being strategic on what kind of emails you can keep kind of reusing.

What is your most profitable email series that is not a welcome series or abandoned cart series?

Ryan: It’s definitely the new customer post purchase. Essentially, what that does after the transactional stuff has been sent a few days later, we do a lot of brand indoctrination and just really make sure the customer understands the story, where their money’s going, the kind of work that’s being done. The first couple of emails are just that, and not really pushing, not very salesy at all. But do generate good revenue. Then after that, we go into just cross selling some of the best sellers.

We’re actually breaking that flow out a little bit more now to give people targeted cross sales based on what they bought. If they’ve not bought something that is in the best seller collection, we want to try and get them over to the best sellers. If they have bought one of the hero products, we try and recommend something else from another collection that they’ve not bought from yet. So, just kind of splitting that flow out and making it more specific.


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