Beardbrand Grooms Autoresponder Email Success

Beardbrand Klaviyo Customer Spotlight

Email autoresponders, or flows as we call them at Klaviyo, are an incredibly effective way to enhance your brand and drive ecommerce revenue. By setting up these behavior-triggered series in advance, your high-converting emails are sent automatically while you work on other things!

The moment a customer takes a specific action on your store, they enter the relevant flow. Any time a customer performs an action like abandoning a shopping cart, browsing a specific collection, or making a purchase, they receive highly relevant, compelling emails.

Every ecommerce store should have an abandoned cart, welcome, and win-back series. Thriving retailers have many more! In addition to out-of-the-box series, Beardbrand has worked with ecommerce agency Fuel Made to create custom goal-meeting flows, including the post-purchase series that we’ll look at today.  

Beardbrand homepage with 3 bearded men sitting around a table and quiz "What Type of Beardsman Are You?"

Fuel Made is an ecommerce agency specializing in design and development on Shopify, and email marketing using Klaviyo. Their client Beardbrand, sellers of premium men’s grooming products, approached the agency for a custom email strategy that would help create long-term brand loyalty. The result is a series of friendly resourceful post-purchase emails, providing informative and educational content related to the products they just purchased.

"It really sets the tone from the very beginning that ‘we’re here to teach you, we’re not here to sell you.’ That’s a huge part of our company voice."

Jenny Durre, Project Manager at Beardbrand

In addition to building brand loyalty, this no-fuss automated series delivered a 2.7% conversion rate for Beardbrand in 2017. That is a significant amount of automated revenue considering all customers enter this flow each time they make a purchase!

Anatomy of a post-purchase series

Fuel Made crafted a fun and proactive post-purchase series of 12 emails that deliver a highly personalized shopping experience.

  • Emails 1 & 2 are sent to everyone.
  • Emails 3-9 are segmented to only send depending on what the customer purchased.
  • Emails 10-12 finish off the sequence, and are sent to everyone.

Email #1 – order confirmation

The series’ first email strongly reflects Beardbrand’s voice and includes a personalized “related product” feed. Order confirmation emails have above-average open rates, making them the perfect vehicle to show product recommendations and drive an early repeat purchase.

Order confirmation email titled "That was a great move"Email #2 – simple thank you

The second email offers an entertaining Beardbrand video with a specific goal to amuse, build trust, and increase brand loyalty.

Emails #3-9 –  educational product email

Each of these educational video emails is triggered by the recipient’s purchase of a specific item. They are intended to act as a resource for the customer, to teach them how to use the product. These emails are filtered through a careful prioritization system so that each time a customer buys a new product, they receive a different video.

Beardbrand product education email titled "How to Use Your Brush and Comb"     Beardbrand product education email titled "How to Use Beard Oil"

Email #10 – social community invite

Arriving 10 days after customers place an order and 5 days after receiving one of the above seven emails, this email invites them to join Beardbrand on Social Media.

Email #11 – replenishment

Delivered 30 days after the last order, this email shows the last items purchased and asks if a refill is needed. The personalized product feed in this email has a button that was custom built to automatically add each item to their shopping cart.

Beardbrand replenishment email titled "Are You Running Low?"

Email #12  – replenishment

The final email in this series arrives 90 days post-order, reminding the customer that Beardbrand’s products are important for beard health. The best-seller product feed in the email encourages the customer to make another purchase.

Styling success

Beardbrand’s beardsmen are a loyal group to begin with. The company’s personalized automated post-purchase email series further seals this bond. By providing both information and entertainment, the company has created an always-on marketing machine that is not only increasing customer brand affinity, but also driving further revenue.


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