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Learn about CurlMix’s “Wash + Go Wednesday” live streaming event that generates on-going revenue and customer love.


About this episode:

  • Why CurlMix decided to grow a private community of customers
  • What the strategy behind their successful livestream event entails
  • How they use quizzes to send personalized emails

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Kim Lewis: Welcome to Curl Mix. Curl Mix is a curly hair brand that has a four step system that will give you the best wash and go ever. We specifically target women who want to wear wash and goes versus saying, “You can use our products for any style you want to use.”

Alicia Thomas: For those who don’t know what a wash and go is, what does that mean?

Kim Lewis: Wash and go is kind of how my hair is where it shows your natural curl pattern. Whether that’s wavy, curly or kinky but we do use a diffuser or blow dryer to kind of help you maintain the curl. Our products are what you use to even get the definition of what you would want in the curl.

Alicia Thomas: I know your marketing strategy has a lot going on.

Alicia Ferguson: I hope in a good way.

Alicia Thomas: Which is amazing. I’m really curious about what strategies are working to help you scale the brand.

Alicia Ferguson: I would say since we’ve started doing a little bit more segmentation, and really honing in on who the different customers are and then deciding on what content we’re going to personalize to them, we’ve started to see things ramp up a little bit there. We have a Facebook group that we look to as our guiding light for a lot of information on what customers want more of, what they’re confused on and where we could have opportunities to educate more on. Then we take that into email form or notification form or other programming that we use.

Alicia Thomas: Can you tell me more about your persona or your target audience, which is a person who is really that brand advocate for Curl Mix?

Kim Lewis: She’s a curly haired woman who lives in a metro city but the most important thing is that she’s over 45 and I’m 27, there’s no way I’d ever thought that that was my customer because I’m like, “Oh, my customer is maybe me.” That’s not entirely the case. What it is, is like the younger generation went naturally being like five or 10 years ago and we had that movement and now, the woman over 45, she’s like, “Well, maybe I should go natural,” and she’s seeing that and she’s on Facebook. There’s no other platform, she’s on that. She’s having this new experience and she doesn’t want to wear her hair in braids or twists or whatever because they look too young. She wants to wear her hair down, out so she feels like she can wear to work and she needs a safe space to do that and to learn how to do her hair.

Kim Lewis: There’s no huge chain of salons that do our hair. Where else are you going to go for your information? That is why I think we have so much engagement in our Facebook group, because of the age of our customer. Yes, 60% are over 45 but a large percentage is over 50, over 55. Now that’s going to change some of our marketing. Now, we have a lot of young girls in our videos and stuff like that, 20 somethings and now we’re like, “Maybe we should look more to people who have silver hair or people who,” just different. Create, turning them into influencers, which is tough because you don’t find a ton of women who are over 55 on Instagram.

Alicia Thomas: No you don’t.

Kim Lewis: No. You have to be very creative and you have to be really, either turn our 1% of customers into those influencers, which has been difficult only because they don’t have the cameras that you want. We have to be like, “Okay, how can we get them to create really high quality videos so that we can repurpose?” Because they’ll make the videos, they just won’t have… They’ll have like yellow lighting and stuff. We just have, we got to coach them.

Alicia Thomas: This educational content, how to shoot a selfie video.

Kim Lewis: Right. Right. Right.

Alicia Thomas: I understand that. Yeah.

Kim Lewis: I know Wash and Go Wednesday is a very cool thing that folks are doing. Can you talk a little bit about that and what inspired it and kind of the results you’re seeing with that?

Alicia Ferguson: Wash and go Wednesday, every Wednesday, as it says, a wash and go is done but what’s really cool is, Kim is like super brave and so, she goes in her shower and she has her clothes on guys, she has a Chrome X T-shirt on and she does a wash and go on her hair and she demonstrates the whole system. Lets people know nice tips and tricks they can use to make the system easier for themselves and what’s really nice is that Tim, her husband, is filming it so there’s a lot of educational components too. He’s throwing out trivia for people and it’s trivia about your hair.

Alicia Thomas: Helpful.

Alicia Ferguson: Did you know that the follicle… He’s very scientific. I can’t even repeat some of the questions. It’s just really helpful to some people to understand just their hair in general. You can win prizes from Wash and Go Wednesday and it’s really, this whole program that we’ve done where there’s an email that goes out. It’s like, “Be prepared. Mark your calendars.” We use really catchy subject lines like, “We’ll only wait three more minutes.” The best email that we sent out for Wash and Go Wednesday was, we made it look like a Google Calendar invite, like, accept it. The open rate was ridiculous on that one.

Alicia Thomas: Oh wow.

Alicia Ferguson: I was like, “Note to self, try versions of this.”

Kim Lewis: Then we come over here and the systems are packaged, this is how we put them in. Step one, two, three and four and then once AJ is done packing up the four, we close it, put in the system and then we put the label on the bottom.

Alicia Thomas: Wash and go Wednesday.

Kim Lewis: Yes.

Alicia Thomas: How did you come up with that idea?

Kim Lewis: I’m a mastermind. It’s called [inaudible 00:05:33]. One of the women in our group, she does these live QVC type things where she tries on her different jewelry pieces and this, that and the other and it was a really huge way for her to engage with her customers. It was a friend of mine. I was like, “This is cool. I don’t know if this’ll work for hair.” I’m not going to look at it. Then I would get so many customers like, [inaudible 00:05:55] hair. I was like, what? My hair is type four. How could you say that? I’m the founder. I would never make products that don’t work on my hair. Then my Customer Service Manager, Crystal, she was like… She’s Chief Customer Service Officer, sorry. Promotion. She’s like, “Kim, you have to show them. You have to do a video.”

Kim Lewis: I was like, “I don’t want to do it video,” turned into an ad. It did better than all of our other ads. I was like, “Oh my gosh. They want to see me do my hair,” then I was like, okay. She was like, “We should go live.” I was like, “I don’t want to go live.” She was like, “No, you should just do it.” I was like, “Okay. Fine. I’ll go live.” I think we started about a year ago and our customers loved it. They were engaging. They were commenting. Our sales went up like during the night of Wash and Go Wednesday. When we kept doing it and it got more consistent, people were really worried if I didn’t come on a Wednesday like, “Kim, what’s going on? You said you would be here.” Then we give away things.

Kim Lewis: We give away prizes. Not just our products. We give away T-shirts for our brand. They love it. My goodness. Some people, you’d be surprised. You would think, okay, she does her hair every week, the same people are not coming back. It’s not true. They are coming back.

Alicia Thomas: That is the crazy part. Who would want to see you wash your hair every week?

Kim Lewis: I know a lot of our customers by name because of that.

Alicia Thomas: That is so cool.

Kim Lewis: Ellen. Cindy Wallace. It’s hilarious. They are the same people who are active in the Facebook group but it’s like, they get something that they never get from another hair care brand, which is knowing the founder, knowing what products are coming next, from the founder. I’m getting to talk to them. I’m in my bathroom with my husband and he’s filming, he’s recording.

Alicia Thomas: Super personal relationship scale. You know them. They know you.

Kim Lewis: Yeah.

Alicia Thomas: Very cool.

Kim Lewis: Thank you.

Alicia Thomas: Are you offering any promotion with the Wash and Go Wednesday or how are you?

Alicia Ferguson: With Wash and Go Wednesday, it’s not messaged. We’re not outwardly messaging that. When you see the notification it’s just like, “Hey, win some prizes. Some see her do her hair live in the shower. It’s going to be awesome.” We use animations and GIFs of her doing her hair so it’s like, “Wait, what is this? This looks interesting,” at least for that part. Then when you’re in the Wash and Go Wednesday, that’s when it’s messaged. “Hey, this is our special promo code for the day. Use this. Get 20% off your order. Ends at midnight.”

Alicia Thomas: Very cool.

Alicia Ferguson: Yeah.

Alicia Thomas: Owned marketing. Your email list, your website, those channels. How are you thinking about how you can continue to expand and grow the brand with those channels?

Alicia Ferguson: Yeah. One thing that we just kind of recently introduced is a new lead capture program that we have onsite to be able to have those critical points where customers are deciding if they’re purchasing or not and capturing their email. Understanding that building our email list is super pivotal to the growth. It’s one of our most valuable channels that we have. Then taking that and then really diving deep. With our explanation and things like Wash and Go Wednesday. Now since that’s so successful, we’re kind of brainstorming other programming opportunities that we can use where it’s not necessarily always about our Instagram or always about the Facebook and who knows, we might have our own platform of sorts coming. Who knows.

Kim Lewis: In our kitchen, this is the room where it all started. We first were here. We were literally making products in this room and shipping them from this room, May of last year. Things have changed. We were in here very tight.

Alicia Thomas: Any marketing strategies that you are looking forward to developing this year?

Alicia Ferguson: Yeah. I would say our subscriptions are one of those things that we kind of have and we haven’t setup but fine tuning that a little bit more. It would be nice just to have that revenue stream and autopilot coming through. Maybe adjusting the times. Maybe even adjusting the information that they may want from us and maybe having special curated events or things to make them feel like, I’m a subscriber. I’m a part of this VIP club. Making them feel like that are things that we’re kind of thinking about. Also, just diving deeper into the personalization. Since we started our quiz and we start honing into, by hair type, there’s a wealth of opportunity to really even just go down the rabbit hole with each customer…

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