Render and send beautiful email with a simple API.

You send lots of email, but creating and previewing
dynamic email templates is a pain so you don't get to it.

Introducing Quick Mail, a service that makes creating great, dynamic emails easy.
Best of all, it integrates with the service you use to send email.

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How It Works

We handle the templates and rendering.

We combined the power of our email template builder with two simple APIs
to make rendering and sending emails a breeze.


Create and preview your template with our email editor.


Connect your existing email service.


Use our API to render and send your email.

klaviyo.send('Daily Weather Email', {
      'name' : 'Evan',
      'location' : {
        'city' : 'Miami',
        'state' : 'FL'
      'forecast_data' : [
View Quick Mail API documentation

Total control with our template syntax.

Under the hood we use a modified version of Django's template tags and filters, so you have the power to turn your data into the perfect email.

Whether you just want to use someone's name or you want to change entire blocks of content, we make it easy to create, preview and send your message.

Perfect for weekly summaries and triggered updates.

Quick Mail makes sending summary and triggered emails incredibly easy. Now when you want to create a notification, you provide the data and we'll make sure it looks great.

Use it for notifying your users or for yourself. Turn any API into easy to read emails in your inbox with a simple script.

Send your first email now.

Start now and create the emails you've always wanted to.

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Only want to create templates?

No problem, any time you create a template, we give you the option to export the HTML to use directly in your projects.

Create your template

How much does
Quick Mail cost?

Quick Mail is free to render and send up to 1,000 emails/month. If you need more, it's $3/month for every 20,000 emails sent.

So, if you use Quick Mail to render and send 50,000 emails in one month, that's $9/month.

Want Klaviyo to trigger emails for you?

Check out Klaviyo's advanced flows. They use our analytics platform to send the right email to the right person at the perfect time.

Advanced Autoresponders