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Our mission at Klaviyo is to help your business grow, especially during the most pivotal time of the year for most retailers and brands. This page is designed to centralize the most important resources for you to get growing with Klaviyo this holiday season.

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"We switched to Klaviyo in October last year and saw a 62% increase in sales during Q4. The eCommerce segmenting is significantly better than our previous email platform. Couldn't be happier."

Ryan Dougherty


"We switched to Klaviyo last October. The onboarding process took about three weeks to get fully integrated and all of our flows going, which was smooth because of the help of our Klaviyo guru who was available to answer any and all questions we had. Our 2018 Q4 had a 74% increase in overall revenue compared to 2017, with a 21% increase in email revenue."

Kirra Bixby

Marketing & Media Manager

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