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Every day you send emails when customers make purchases and those orders ship.
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Customer Experience

Your store design and branding in your emails.

Easily create a template to use for your store's confirmation and update emails using
your company's design, color scheme and logo. Customize, save and download your template for free.

  • Customize your header
  • Use a formatted confirmation instead of a text one
  • Add personalized content for your customers

Marketing when they're thinking about you.

Use the moments when customers are expecting to hear from you to let them know about recommended products, special offers and other ways they can build a relationship with you.

Personalize what each customer sees and measure the results.

Show product recommendations, referral offers or any other content personalized based on each customer's order and their purchase history. Then use clickthrough and sales reports to optimize conversion rates.

Create a new template in minutes.

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