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June 5, 2020

  • While most people say they plan to do at least some of their summer shopping online, slightly more women than men say they plan to do their shopping in-person.
  • More non-essential workers than essential workers plan to buy their Father’s Day gifts online.
  • Almost one-third of people say they’ve had trouble finding pet food and care products since they’re out-of-stock.


Slightly more women than men plan to do their summer shopping in-person.

For both men and women, the majority plan to do their summer shopping through a mix of online and in-store purchases. More men than women plan to make their purchases both online and in-person (58 percent compared to 53 percent), while more women than men plan to do their summer shopping in-person (17 percent compared to 13 percent).

summer shopping plans by gender 6-5

Non-essential workers are more likely to buy gifts for their dads online.

With many non-essential jobs continuing to be remote and many areas still encouraging people to stay home, it’s not surprising that more essential workers plan to do their shopping for next week’s holiday online. Sixty-nine percent of non-essential workers plan to buy Father’s Day gifts online compared to 47 percent of essential workers. Eighteen percent of essential workers plan to buy gifts in-person compared to just nine percent of non-essential workers.

father's day shopping by employment type 6-5

Pet food and care products are the fourth largest category of items that people are having trouble finding in-stock.

Thirty-one percent of respondents said they’ve tried to buy a pet food or care item that was out-of-stock. In particular, people mentioned they’re having issues buying canned cat or dog food, cat litter, dog pools, dog pads, and a few types of specialty pet medications.

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