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May 11, 2020

  • Nineteen percent of respondents say they’ve already bought gifts for Father’s Day.
  • Positive reviews are a priority for shoppers at online stores but not in-person stores.
  • Half of gift-givers say they are buying gifts from ecommerce sites that they haven’t shopped before.


Some People are planning out Father’s Day gifts in advance.

Now that Mother’s Day has passed, some people are already getting a jump on their Father’s Day gift shopping. Nineteen percent of survey participants who plan to give Father’s Day gifts this year have already bought them.

percent already purchased fathers day gifts 5-11

Positive reviews matter more when shopping online.

Thirty-two percent of people say that positive reviews are a priority when choosing where to shop online after restrictions are lifted. However, only 17 percent of people say reviews are a priority when considering where to shop in-person after restrictions are lifted.

priority of positive reviews for in-person vs online 5-11

Gift shopping leads consumers to explore new ecommerce sites.

Fifty-one percent of people who plan to buy gifts in the next few months say they will buy at least some of them from places online that they have not bought from before. This is particularly true for non-essential workers: Fifty-eight percent of non-essential workers say they plan to buy gifts from new online stores, compared to 44 percent of essential workers.

plans to buy gifts at new online stores 5-11
plans to buy gifts at new online stores by employment status 5-11

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Consumer sentiment

What are people buying and why?

While a majority of people say they are not waiting for Memorial Day sales to make any particular purchases this year, a few have big-ticket items in mind. Shoppers mentioned waiting for Memorial Day sales for items like TVs, beds, cars, and patio furniture. A couple of people also mentioned plans to buy clothing and shoes during Memorial Day sales.

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