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Covid-19 poll daily insights

April 14, 2020


More brands this week say sales are increasing—43 percent versus 42 percent last week. Consumers still seem to be spending dollars on new essentials—health and fitness, beauty and cosmetics, and housewares, but dollars appear to be shifting back to some non-essentials, like apparel and accessories, as well as jewelry.

Of the brands that say sales are increasing, 33 percent sell products in a new essentials category, down six percent from last week.

Are your sales being affected 4-14
what do you sell 4-14

What’s trending?

For the fifth day in a row, many jewelry brands continue to report their sales are up. And as of the most recent survey (April 13–14, 2020), brands in this category say they’re also experiencing the following:

  • Eighty-two percent said there are no issues with their supply chains.
  • Seventy-three percent said their sales have increased since last week.
  • Seventy-two percent said their conversion rates have increased since last week.
  • Sixty-three percent said they haven’t encountered any issues with their shipping.

change in sales from last week 4-14
website conversion rate change from last week 4-14
are you seeing issues with your supply chain 4-14
are you encountering shipping issues 4-14

Brands who sell non-essential items continue to report their sales are up. This category is being primarily driven by apparel and accessories brands. As of our recent survey data (April 13–14), of the apparel and accessories brands who said their sales were up, 100 percent of these brands offered a sale or promotion and 62 percent of these brands sold activewear or casual clothing ideal for a stay-at-home environment. The increase in sales could be correlated to Easter and Passover holiday sales.

Effective Marketing Moments

What’s working?

Marketing messaging tailored to current events. Lensable, a provider of eyewear, sent an email featuring their blue-light blocking lenses. In the email messaging, the brand empathizes with the fact that we may all be spending a lot more time looking at computer, iPhone, and TV screens during this time. The positioning is relevant for consumers who feel that the brand is protecting their vision, rather than making a sale.

Lensable email

Keeping spirits light and fun for your audience. 7amenfant, a kids accessories business, sent an email headlined “quarantine edition” introducing a backpack with wings. The messaging likely resonates with many parents who want to balance keeping their kids safe (whether it’s playing in the kitchen) and entertained (playing dress up).

7amenfant email


Brands with increasing sales

How are they feeling?

Many brands with increasing sales are hopeful about the future and are using this time to focus internally on their business’ marketing strategy.

One brand said, “We’ve learned to diversify our acquisition channels more efficiently, and rapidly change the language we use to fit the current situation. We’ve seen a positive impact from that and we’ll keep that as a lesson learned. Relying entirely on Facebook [advertising] was never a very sustainable method, so we’re hoping to come out with a stronger marketing program overall.”

Another brand said, “Being a small business, I’m able to pivot quickly and adjust to the current climate and conversation. I’m gearing my marketing towards hope [and] inspirational stories, and [I’m] now provid[ing] free adult coloring sheets that are Covid-related. I’m also using this time to improve the site for an optimal conversion rate. Our brand’s messaging is very muched based on taking painful situations and rising from the ashes. This moment in time is no different.”

As you continue to evolve your marketing strategy, you’ll want to personalize your marketing to keep your audience engaged. Check out our guide to creating advanced segmentation with Klaviyo.

What’s working?

Brands say email marketing and using marketing messaging tailored to a stay-at-home working environment is helping them right now.

One brand said, “Emails are getting good open and click rates these days. Our last blog compilation email actually led to sales—the other compilations [we] sent out in the past half year didn’t.”

What else is working? Another brand said, “Keeping our language in touch with the needs of customers. It’s a small change, but listening and changing the words we use to speak to them is making a big difference.”

Brands that are emphasizing the convenience of their shopping experiences are also seeing results. One respondent shared, “Altering the language we use on-site and through our marketing to include more phrases like “at home” or “delivered to your door [has] had a surprisingly significant impact.”

Need help communicating with empathy during this time? Check out our guides:

Brands with decreasing sales

How are they feeling?

Brands with decreasing sales are feeling concerned that their advertising efforts now aren’t as effective in helping them acquire new customers. Forty-one percent say their ad spend is less efficient than before.

One brand said, “Ads aren’t converting. Spending on ads is a nerve-racking thing, and it’s making us question how we go about our business.”

For some, it’s an issue of budget. They worry that they can’t generate the results they need at their current spend level. Another brand said, “We aren’t investing enough in digital marketing, and [we’re] unable to reach out to more audiences.”

Need help acquiring more customers cost-effectively? Try website signup forms—they’re easy to set up and free. For tips on how to use signup forms to grow acquisition, check out our guide to optimizing your signup form experience.

What’s working?

Brands with decreasing sales say that interacting with their community of customers and followers is working best for them right now.

One brand said they’re seeing success with Facebook posts and marketing. As a Klaviyo customer, they’re capturing audience segments within our platform and then leveraging our Facebook integration to advertise to these individuals. The respondent said, “Klaviyo is slowly growing lists for me, and I hope to start marketing to those consumers in the coming days.”

Need help optimizing your Facebook advertising audiences? Start with Facebook’s lookalike algorithm. For tips on how to create effective Facebook audiences, check out our help center articles:

Brands with flat sales

How are they feeling?

Many brands with flat sales are hopeful and resilient. They believe they’ll rebound and recover after this period of time is over.

One brand said they’ll be “back to business as usual once [they’re] through COVID ‘season’, but [it’ll be] a rocky and uncertain road to get there.”

Another brand feels positive about what the coronavirus crisis could mean for their business. The respondent shared, “We are in a very crowded space and hopefully this will help thin the competition a little bit.”

A few brands mentioned that they’re concerned about sourcing raw materials and supply chain delays. One brand said they’re currently concerned because they’re unable to sell since they can’t finish making the products they sell.

What’s working?

Brands with flat sales areturning to website content creation and SEO optimization efforts to maintain brand discovery and sales.
When asked what was working, one brand said, “Organic campaigns through social media and lots of blog posts to boost SEO and drive quality traffic. [It’s] still not enough, but it’s something.”

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