1. Email users who don't finish set up within a few days.

    Find users who haven't completed a crucial step after signing up and offer to help or show them to extra resources.

  2. Find at risk users approaching the end of their trial.

    Identify users who haven't logged in towards the end of their trial.

  3. Email customers who haven't purchased something recently.

    Find customers who made a purchase several months ago, but haven't purchased anything since.

  4. Ask users to review products a few days after their purchase.

    Email users a week after purchase to ask them to return to your website to rate and review their purchases.

  5. Reach out to repeat customers with special offers.

    Send your most loyal customers special deals to keep them coming back.

  6. Identify users whose usage has fallen significantly in the last month.

    Prevent churn by responding to users who have become less active.

  7. Target users who haven’t yet used a particular feature.

    Send emails highlighting features that new users haven’t found yet.

  8. Email trial users who don’t convert a follow-up offer

    Target potential customers post-trial to get feedback, offer them follow-up deals or to encourage them to try again.

  9. Email active players who haven’t purchased any virtual goods.

    Find the customers who actively play your game but haven't used your online store yet.

  10. Or create your own...

    and find the people who are most important to you.