9 Win-Back Email Resources to Level Up Your Email Marketing

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While many ecommerce stores are focused on new customer acquisition, taking the time to focus on customer retention is a straightforward way to increase your revenue and scale your business.

Win-back emails, also known as re-engagement emails, are sent to customers who made a purchase (usually 3, 6, or 12 months ago) but not since. They’re a targeted way to reach and re-activate dormant customers.

In a recent benchmark report, we took a look at the performance of win-back emails and found the average revenue per recipient.

avg. revenue per recipient by email type

If you’re looking to level up your win-back series or just get started, take a look at our comprehensive list of the top win-back resources to help advance your win-back strategy.

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Understanding the why, when, and how of a win-back email series

What You Need to Know Before Launching a Win-Back Campaign

If you’re new to win-backs, this is a good post to get you going. Andrew dives into how Topwear Street and Sprangler Candy use win-backs.

3 Types of Win-Back Emails
While the goal of win-back emails is the same, that doesn’t mean you should only rely on one kind of win-back. Marissa covers the three types of win-back emails you should keep in mind when making your win-back series.

When to Send Your Win-Back Series
Timing is everything, especially for re-engaging your audience. This post looks at determining what send time is right for your business.

How to Win-Back Inactive Customers
By this point, you know you should be sending win-backs and when to send them but what about execution? We take a look at knowing your audience, prioritization, and the content of your win-back emails.

Improving your win-backs

4 Ways to Segment Your Win-Back Series
Looking to get a bit more sophisticated? Check out this guide to the four ways to segment your win-backs, like by how much a customer has spent in the past or the amount of time they’ve spent on your site. Aren’t you curious to find out what the other two are?

5 Do’s and Don’ts for Your Win-Back Series Content
Crafting the perfect content for any email can be tricky. This post looks at some do’s and don’t for win-back series content.

Awesome A/B Tests for Flows
If you’re up and running with win-backs, now is a great time to start A/B testing so you can optimize their performance. This piece is applicable to all types of flows (sometimes called autoresponders), so check it out!

Looking to level up your welcome series? Check out our list of top resources.

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Revamp Your Welcome Series

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