4 Strategies for Your Ecommerce Holiday Marketing

While many Americans are spending the dog days of summer lounging poolside or exploring the great outdoors, dozens of marketers and shop owners gathered in San Francisco at Bluxome Street Winery on July 26th & 27th to prepare for the biggest ecommerce event of the year – the Holidays.


Our latest Klaviyo Workshop was focused on all things holiday marketing because while preparing for the biggest ecommerce season is a lot of work, the preparation really can make or break a store’s yearly goals.

Plan for the holidays now

Getting a head start on your marketing strategy now is the best way to ensure that your segments, content, and messaging are perfectly tuned before Black Friday.

As we heard at the workshop, one of the most heartbreaking moments on Black Friday happens to shops that decide to install a new app or try something brand new right before Black Friday. When the big day comes, they hit a snag or find out something is broken and subsequently suffer a revenue-crushing #marketingfail on the biggest weekend of the year.

With all that said, my PSA for this holidays season is simple: pick a day before the holidays to stop installing new apps and stop tinkering with your segmentation.

Over the course of the workshop, we dug into topics like how to build out your flows for the holidays, top tips for effective holiday marketing, and acquisition during the holidays.

What to focus on this Holiday Season

One thing we heard over and over at our San Francisco Klaviyo Workshop was “there’s not enough time in the day to do it all.” We get it! These are the four top things you should focus on for your holiday marketing strategy.

1. Document your plan of attack

It seems obvious enough, but documenting your plan of attack for the holidays is crucial. You want to ensure there’s a clear goal laid out for each of the different campaigns, messages, and segments you’re sending to.

Here’s a simple cheat: make a copy of this chart for each of the different goals you set this holiday season. That way you’ll already be organized.

2. Plan for new holiday customer acquisition

Santa’s list wasn’t built in a day and your email list shouldn’t be either.

Acquisition during the holiday season requires a different plan than the rest of the year. That’s because many of the customers you acquire aren’t your typical shopper.

There are a number of core marketing audiences you’ll encounter during the holidays:

  • Holiday Shoppers
  • Window Shoppers
  • Potential VIPs
  • Early Enthusiasts

If you’re looking for segments to develop during the holidays here are six that we recommend.

3. Refresh your flows

Revamping your welcome series, abandoned cart series, and other flows with holiday content as well as with engagement and purchase segments is a smart way to maximize your holiday marketing strategy.

We’ll be sharing the entire presentation for refreshing your flows during the holidays shortly, and you can also check out these resources to optimize your holiday flows.

4. Let your subscribers know what to expect

During the workshop, we heard about Bird & Stone, that found out after the holidays that some of their shoppers had actually set their phone alarms to go off when their sale was about to go live. These shoppers, of course, knew the sale time because of the pre-promotion about the sale, including date, time and some of the big deals.

There is a lot happening on Cyber Weekend! Build a plan for your pre-holiday promotions as well so shoppers can be armed with the information they need before the big shopping days.

Next Steps for Your Holiday Strategy

Preparing for the holidays doesn’t end there. We’ll be sharing all our tips, tricks, and resources for the holidays on the blog.

And if you’re ready to commit to leveling up for the holidays, Black Friday Cyber Monday, and the rest of the year, be sure to get your ticket to Klaviyo:BOS, our epic 2-day conference where we guarantee you’ll learn how to grow your store faster.


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